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  1. We are in Holbrook AZ, camping today and Sunday. Still surviving in our Covid 19 survival pod #572. While in Holbrook this morning we saw an LE2 at the Safeway. Pulled in next to them and met another board member AngusT and wife from MA. We have been very careful to stay distant from other people and using only the facilities of our survival pod. We brought enough food for our entire trip. Using nitrile gloves at fuel stops, then disposing and Purell. Everyone be safe out there.
  2. We are leaving for a two week adventure to Canyonlands and Capital Reef at 6 am tomorrow. The precautions we are taking is to avoid crowds and wash our hands every time we go to a rest stop, pump gas, or handle anything else that is publicly used and not frequently sanitized. We are both healthy so not terribly worried. We plan to never eat out and limit access to our Oliver. IF anyone asks to see it we will only do so if they look healthy and then just allow a peek inside. We will not let them wander around inside. My computer has lots of inside photos for them to enjoy. We did take some advice from CDC and stocked up on Mucinex, OTC cough suppressants (with expectorant), as well as tylenol and naproxen in case we get sick. We made sure we had enough grub for our trip including the driving days.
  3. I believe that it was David who posted awhile back about running your cell hotspot through the wifiranger. We do that and have found that it increases signal quality and speed. The wifiranger also has a free VPN that you can toggle on or off through the menu. Great for doing our online billpay while we are on the road.
  4. a/b switches don't pass the dc voltage from the sat receiver to the dish correctly. you will get all kinds of error codes from your receiver. you can use that line as long as it is a direct connection, no splitters, a/b switches etc. You can use a pair of diplexers instead of an a/b switch to connect off air and satellite, or cable and satellite.
  5. Kudos to GB National Park. Mary and i have camped and hiked over 40 national parks in the last 15 years. Standing atop Wheeler Peak in the Rockies within a pristine environment with very few visitors is a trip worth remembering.
  6. You can use a balun (balanced/unbalanced) to connect a 50 ohm device to a 75 ohm cable. https://www.solidsignal.com/pview.asp?p=859955&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cse&utm_term=859955&gclid=CjwKCAjw8NfrBRA7EiwAfiVJpXNmrQbN67ya8jelBHZZClP96AlikZvsdvtH-dnJpMvp84u9OR3o2hoCFQAQAvD_BwE
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