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  1. Thanks Bill. We have a factory tour scheduled for mid-January that we're looking forward to. I noticed all the corner radii on the cabinet exteriors and wondered about the door openings on the inside, plus the outside doors. It's one of those areas people don't think about much until they've lost some skin on door hardware.
  2. Hi all, New member here and also new to Oliver RV's. I just sold my Winnebago View (25' including the cockpit) and was wondering how comfortable you all are while staying in the Elite II. Neither my wife or I like being in too confined a space but we certainly don't want to haul around a large travel trailer, fifth wheel or A-class. The View (24J) was somewhat of an open floor plan. Is there room for two people to move around in the Elite II without constantly getting into each others way? Is there somewhere to sit down and just relax, watch tv, etc, without sitting upright at a table? One other question...I was constantly cutting/scrapping myself on cabinet doors, outside compartment doors, and the like on the View. How well does Oliver do at reducing possible pinch and scrapping points? One other, other question...how loud is the air conditioner? I noticed it seems to sit right over the bed. That could be a negative. Thanks, Patrick
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