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  1. Mike, I’d be interested in more detail if you have time. Thanks.
  2. It would definitely obscure the license plate. Thanks taking time to search! Much appreciated.
  3. Just saw this and it may work - i just don’t want it to hit the spare cover.
  4. Thanks, John. I’m a big fan of the 1UP products - we use the bike trays on our bed cover to haul our e-bikes. The folding tray looks great not sure it would get enough use to justify the cost, although it could be used for other purposes. RE the 2” steel hitch - would you just remove the smaller receiver and drill through the aluminum cross piece to match the holes? Dave
  5. We have a fall trip planned to a campground with no waste hookup. In preparation, I bought a 28 gal. Portable waste tank for our grey water. I really don’t want to lash it down to my pickup bed cover between to bicycles and am considering purchase of a tray type carrier to install in the unused bike carrier at the rear of the rv. Most of the carriers large enough to fit the cart have a 2” insert hitch. As the cart weighs @ 50 lbs, I would mount with an adapter to fit the 2” hitch into the 1 1/4 Oliver hitch. Thoughts or other suggestions??
  6. Thanks. I’m considering a lithium upgrade when the AGMs fail. When you camp with full services now, do you have to disconnect the lithium batteries?
  7. I recently detailed our LE II and want to keep it free from bird evidence and tree sap wile not in use, so I have the Calmark cover installed. She’s a 2019 model with the solar package and AGM batteries. I have a 30 amp service next to the pad where she’s parked. As the solar panels are covered, is there risk of overcharging if I leave the shore power plugged in while stored?
  8. Two problems with head at rear: 1- no place for my arms as a side sleeper, and 2- can’t watch television.
  9. At least that’s]what it feels like. Last weekend, replaced bearings, races and seals with Temkin/National, lubed and cleaned suspension and washed Gracie. This weekend buffed and polished - thanks to Foy for the product information She’s sure pretty when she’s clean!
  10. Thanks, Bill and Sherry for the responses. I’m going to price carport options but suspect it’s going to be either cover or no cover.
  11. I had a concrete pad poured next to our power pole so I could install a 30 amp and standard 15 amp outlet for our Gracie (Hull 416). The location was close to power and one of the few level spots on the property. Unfortunately, there are two mature white pine trees nearby and power lines cross over the trailer. Last week, I washed her and noticed pine needles and bird droppings on the roof. I reviewed the several threads about covers and decided I should bite the bullet and order the popular favorite. A price quoted last fall on this forum was @$700, another from this spring quoted @$900. I swallowed hard and decided to go for it. I requested a quote on-line for the 2019 OTT Elite II and received a response of just under @$1300 + shipping. I called to confirm and was told the bid was correct, “We’ve had a price increase”. No fooling! i decided to pass, and today I went out to buff and clean Gracie with fiberglass cleaner and then polish with marine polish. Lo and behold, I find bird doo all down the side of our baby. So, I have to decide if it’s worth the cost. How difficult is the cover it install and remove? How often do I need to connect to shore power to keep the batteries protected, or can I leave the power connected? Does one need to pad the solar panel corners to protect the cover? Thoughts and recommendations appreciated.
  12. As a follow-up to a thread referenced above, the failure of our furnace to fire was repeated at home - 1300 ft. After more research, the issue seemed to be with the sail switch. I thought I had resolved the issue by removing and gently cleaning the switch, but it failed to fire earlier this week while we were in Hohenwald the night before our service appointment to find a rain leak. Jason indicated that the sail switch malfunction was known and That Dometic had developed a new mounting system for the larger furnaces, but not for the small one used in the Oliver’s. i had a new sail switch that I ordered as a spare and the service team installed it - all appears well after several tests. We’ll find out about high altitude this fall when we return to Colorado (hopefully). The symptom of fan on for 30 seconds and then off is classic air flow/sail switch problem.
  13. We had "Amazing Grace" stenciled on her, hence Gracie. I've started calling my F250 George. If you are an oldster, you'll get the reference.
  14. Bill, Yes, this is a 2019, Hull #416 - it was a demo unit. The furnace is branded Atwood, which is now owned by Dometic.
  15. Just FYI: I confirmed with Service at OTT and called support at Dometic (Atwood). Their furnaces are not rated above 5,000 ft., they do have high altitude kits for meduim size furnaces only. No upgrade for the Oliver. I guess my options are: Stay low (not gonna happen); add a fireplace; replace with a furnace that works at altitude; use a space heater (most likely solution).
  16. Oliver. I haven't called Atwood. I agree - our favorite places are above 5,000 feet!
  17. Camping recently in Colorado, our furnace would not fire. A search of this forum helped identify the problem as an insufficient air flow problem. I removed the outside panel, gently manipulated the ribbon sensor and all was fine - until the next day. Same issue. I called support and was told the furnace was not going to get enough air at above 5,000 ft. Simple solution seems to be to have a small space heater, but I'd rather have a safer solution. Has anyone else experienced this and is there a “high altitude “ solution?
  18. We have the Winegard Walk out satellite antenna which requires a specific Dish receiver. I ordered the receiver from Winegard. You won’t need a splitter - just choose either antenna or HDMI from the TV source input. The only difficulty encountered was the coax jacks on the Ollie were mislabeled. Once I figured out that the “cable” and “satellite” inputs were reversed, all worked perfectly.
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