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  1. We had "Amazing Grace" stenciled on her, hence Gracie. I've started calling my F250 George. If you are an oldster, you'll get the reference.
  2. Bill, Yes, this is a 2019, Hull #416 - it was a demo unit. The furnace is branded Atwood, which is now owned by Dometic.
  3. Just FYI: I confirmed with Service at OTT and called support at Dometic (Atwood). Their furnaces are not rated above 5,000 ft., they do have high altitude kits for meduim size furnaces only. No upgrade for the Oliver. I guess my options are: Stay low (not gonna happen); add a fireplace; replace with a furnace that works at altitude; use a space heater (most likely solution).
  4. Oliver. I haven't called Atwood. I agree - our favorite places are above 5,000 feet!
  5. Camping recently in Colorado, our furnace would not fire. A search of this forum helped identify the problem as an insufficient air flow problem. I removed the outside panel, gently manipulated the ribbon sensor and all was fine - until the next day. Same issue. I called support and was told the furnace was not going to get enough air at above 5,000 ft. Simple solution seems to be to have a small space heater, but I'd rather have a safer solution. Has anyone else experienced this and is there a “high altitude “ solution?
  6. We have the Winegard Walk out satellite antenna which requires a specific Dish receiver. I ordered the receiver from Winegard. You won’t need a splitter - just choose either antenna or HDMI from the TV source input. The only difficulty encountered was the coax jacks on the Ollie were mislabeled. Once I figured out that the “cable” and “satellite” inputs were reversed, all worked perfectly.
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