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  1. Just saw an Elite 1 today. The TV was in the corner as shown above. The Oliver is new, June 2020.
  2. It certainly makes you smile. I even chuckled looking at the pictures. Thanks!
  3. Sounds like a great adventure you are planning to undertake. I am new to the quilting world so I have only seen beautiful quilts on display at South Jersey's, "Olde City Quilts"; https://www.oldecityquilts.com/. I visited them several times to view their longarm quilting machines. I definitely want to visit the Paducah Museum. If I already had my Oliver, I would be visiting the upper New York quilting shops and enjoying the end of fall with all the colorful dropping leaves. Is Paducah also the home of the Hancock fabric shop? I would love to see Robert Kaufman and Hoffman fabrics. It to
  4. Thank you for the additional information. We can't wait to get started personalizing our Oliver. Our build date starts in December. We delayed because we wanted a spring pick up.
  5. Gee, I haven't got my Elite II yet and I am already thinking about changes just following this thread. Susan's sofa idea was pretty impressive but I definitely need that dinette. Ken, David and others discussing an old floor plan with a desk still has my mind spinning. Desk space is a priority in our house so we are still struggling on how we are going to devote an area for our laptops and other electronic devices in the standard option. Thanks for all the info.
  6. Congratulations! Your wait is over and now you can enjoy your lovely Elite ll. Plus it looked like you had some lovely days to test it out. Enjoy!
  7. Congratulations! Love your Oliver settings with the beautiful outdoor fall background colors. The black & white interior is stunning too. Can’t wait to get ours in the spring. Audrey & Vincent
  8. So glad the forum is still discussing this topic. The decision on twin or standard has been a major one for us. So far we are leaning towards the standard for 4 reasons: 1. Although we do not travel often with them, we want the ability to take our 2 boxers with us. The wider sleeping area may accommodate 2 big dogs. 2. It has the additional benefit of having more floor space. You do have the anchors for the table on the floor but maybe a rug will hide when not used. 3. There is more seating area for family and friends when visiting. 4. We need a larger table as a dedicated
  9. Thank you for your step by step instructions and illustrations. So easy to follow. Audrey
  10. We missed the last total solar eclipse visible from the Pacific Northwest. So happy this one can be viewed from the east coast. Remembering the 2017 TV clips of traffic congestion, I think we will make the shorter trip and view it on the east coast from New York or Maine. Weather that time of year is always a gamble. We have missed several partial eclipse due to clouds but you get what you get. Plus, if it is cold we might lose the large crowds. Always fun watching the stars. Thanks for keeping us posted! Audrey & Vincent
  11. Great ideas from SeaDawg and you. Can't wait to play around with the image. Audrey
  12. Thank you SeaDawg. I do like the star and Maniac's idea of it leading the way. This will give me a starting point. Audrey
  13. In the past I have had a Wire Hair Terrier as well as two Lake Land Terriers. I have always wanted a Border Terrier. I've heard they are extremely bright like most terriers and less hyper. Plus their coat is easier to groom. I do miss my little fox hunters but am happy to have adopted Boxers. Thank you for your information and a trip down memory lane. Audrey
  14. Thanks! My husband and I love the song, "Good Morning Sunshine". The association was made when we saw the name. It has such positive connections. However, finding a logo is problematic. Neither one of us are artist but both are perfectionist. Audrey
  15. Thank you. What breed of dog is your logo? Love the image on your Oliver.
  16. So happy to join the Oliver family. We chose Oliver for its clean contemporary look, solid structure and great reviews. My husband, Vincent, and I for months have been searching for a perfect “get away” camper. Originally, we were looking at class B vans and Airstreams. We visited sites and viewed videos on You Tube. It was a positive Oliver comment on an Airstream forum that caught our attention. After reading many posts on this forum, watching Oliver You Tubes and visiting a beautiful Elite II, we finalized the deal this month. Our build date is in December followed by a delivery date i
  17. Welcome Mcb. Best wishes on your Oliver travels. Just joined the Oliver family. Trying to navigate the forum.
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