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  1. Considering doing this to make our trailer feel bigger and more functional. Order the rails from Oliver?
  2. Do all y'all use a buffer? I had a "detailer" tell me today that I shouldn't buff our trailer. But I went back over it with the Meguiar's Marine and hand rubbed it because I don't have a buffer. Even my meager hand rubbing job took a lot of the streaks off that he left behind as well as some scuff marks that he said he scrubbed and scrubbed. But I feel like buffing would really help "seal" the wax onto the surface. I'm not really strong enough to do that good of a job on it. I can't complain about his work too much because for the time he put in, I feel it was inexpensive and it set the stage for me to then go along behind him and get the REAL wax on and clean up the streaks that his spray on wax left behind. I just hate when I stand there and have to listen to stuff I'm being told that is flat out wrong. Sorry, that kind of turned into a rant, didn't it?
  3. Must be a year for falling off of ladders. I fell off mine cleaning snow off the solar panels in November. Well, technically, it slipped out from under me because I was an idiot about its placement. Bunged up my knee pretty well, was laid up for two months, but overall, very lucky since I was alone on our remote property at the time. Keep healing! Unfortunately, ladders are unavoidable in some circumstances. >.<
  4. Bill, it's quite impressive that you are still running on the T105s! We replaced our 2018s in the spring after many electrical issues. I waited for the Battleborns to go on sale and yes, big invesment up front, and yes, the peace of mind about no more need for constant battery monitoring is worth every dime to me. Now I monitor our batteries more out of curiosity about our actual AH usage than a need to make sure we're staying above the AGM threshold.
  5. Ours is under the street side Bed
  6. We did this swap in the spring. 3 BB 100ah. What a weight savings! To your Question about Whether 4 can fit, yes. Someone on here did it. However, in our experience, 3 has been more than Enough. Only one time did we go over 100ah (we don't use The air conditioner) of use in one day. We have the lithium jumper and the Zamp controller so the swap was very straightforward. OTOH I Had a shop install the New BBs and I would not have had the hand strength to Wrestle those cables into place. With your solar, can you even generate enough to Charge 540ah?
  7. This makes More sense since both lights stopped Working At exactly the Same time
  8. It looks like VERY tiny screws hold a retaining ring to remove them?
  9. We don't Have touch lights. Simple on/off switch
  10. Our two under cabinet Galley lights stopped working. Every other light in the trailer works fine. We haven't moved the trailer in several weeks and Those lights were working just fine until yesterday morning. I'd Suspect A fuse if others were also inop, (I don't see a fuse dedicated to lights, are they on the TV circuit?) Not sure what else to check?
  11. I couldn't Get the connector apart so I just shook it a lot and Water came out. Re cleaned everything With Alcohol and Re greased (dielectric) and lights Are out
  12. Hi, John, Does this mean you take the connector apart? We started having this problem recently, I cleaned the contacts with alcohol and applied dielectric grease, to no avail. We still have the phantom taillights, so I thought the moisture must have gotten inside. We always keep the plug dangling down, so I am unsure why all of a sudden we're having this issue.
  13. We literally *just* had this problem. As we were troubleshooting (including trying to find the EMS errorcode chart), someone walked By asking if we were having Power issues. The only other Time we've had this kind of issue we were hooked up to shore power in a campground. I stuck the voltage tester in the outlet At the pedestal And no joy. So, my guess is voltage dropped Below EMS threshold so it shut itself down. I pleaded with spouse to just abandon the electric hookups, we are totally fine with our new LiFePO4 batteries so why risk the rest of the trailer electronics?
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