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  1. Seadawg, That’s just what my research has shown me and it’s why I’ve been searching for the GX460. It would seem to be able to handle the LE1 with no problem. Both the 4Runner and the GX460 could be used for occasional soft-road excursions for sightseeing in the backcountry, if suitably modified. Now, the question remains: How suitable is an LE1 for 3/4-timing for a solo traveler? The alternate could be a Toyota Land Cruiser. Surely the TLC could manage an LE2???
  2. All, I'm sorry to resurrect an old thread but I’m hunting for a suitable replacement for my 2013 4Runner and was considering a Lexus GX460. The specs seem to work for an LE1 but I’m certainly open to critique. I an old widower and have not need for two vehicles or I’d go with a truck and an LE2. TIA, Bill
  3. How can I delete my post? I don’t want to clutter the forum.
  4. Aluminum is a special skill set as is fiberglass. Airstream has decided they can’t do both. https://www.rvtravel.com/airstream-nest-production-halted/?fbclid=IwAR0R_WkjLfPjUt2SqoKc7GAWps-uMgkpNiMQp7d7oQVnFkbEX0nzFQe2WNY
  5. The YouTube channel, Long Long Honeymoon, had a series on how their AIrstream had to be rebuilt by a specialist in California. Now thank you! I want a rig that will hold up without frequent trips in for repairs. The Olivers travel in their rigs and know what works. I can’t imagine how much stress, say the Alaskan Highway, would put on all those rivets. Even airliners are moving toward composites and away from rivets. I’m thinking through the Twin v. King bed issues for my solo travels with an occasional additional widower on board. My TV will be either a Land Cruiser 200 Series, a Touareg TDI, or a Half Ton Pickup.
  6. John, I'm my experience, curves exacerbate the gradient. I tend to over slow entering a curve and allow the vehicle to accelerate through it. My concern has been that the tail would wag the dog. I had that experience once while towing a too long trailer with my old "Boxtop" Cherokee. Another motorist entered the road when I was in the middle of a downhill curve. It got exciting and I promised myself I wouldn't drive a too small TV. That's why buying an Oliver will involve my trading in my 2013 4Runner for something more adequate. A used Land Cruiser is in the running. I just wish they had a tow-haul mode.
  7. I’m just chiming in. You can have a look at a long term use Airstream on the Long, Long Honeymoon YouTube channel. They had extensive work done to their Airstream in California to rebuild the floor and the steel Outriggers supporting the floor. With the Oliver fiberglass monocoque construction, such repairs should never be needed. SeaDawg, where can I find Photos of the Vortex rock shield you referred to in your post? Thanks! Airstreams are much easier to modify, because so much of the interior is built after the shell and screwed in place.
  8. Hello, Can a full size adult reasonably sleep on the side dinette or is it basically a child’s bed? Also, how large are the twin beds, if I order the extended twin option with larger under-bed storage?
  9. All, Realistically, is the Ollie a 2-3 season camper or is it more than that?
  10. Don, What an encouraging post! I see that you're towing and Elite II with, apparently, no issues. I've been limiting my search to the Elite 18.5'. If I may ask, what brake controller do you recommend? The Certified 2016 TDI I called about was sold yesterday, oh well..... Once I find a Q7 or Toureg TDI, I'll PM you and we'll chat. The Q7 reference got me thinking. I've, I think, seen Q5 TDIs. They probably are too small to be useful as a TV. I've towed an old 24' Prowler with a box top Cherokee 4.0L. It pulled fine but got twitchy in crosswinds and was no fun to drive.
  11. Thanks, David! John, I'm looking at VW Certified ONLY. It seems the mid $30s is the sweet spot for a Certified 2016. I've considered moving to a Lexus GX460, in order to keep the Toyota reliability and get a small V8. The Lexus doesn't have the torque of the TDI nor the high altitude performance but it is a body-on-frame Toyota. It's a bummer Toyota doesn't import their diesels to the US. Yes, I'm quite comfortable with a diesel. I've owned three.
  12. All, After consulting here on the suitability of my 2013 4Runner for towing an Elite, I've decided to move into something a bit more capable. There are quite a few nice, low mileage 2016 Toureg TDIs available locally and I'm considering. I think I read of folks towing Ollies with their Toureg TDIs and was wondering if any were on the forum. The Toureg would seem to meet my needs for a compact SUV. I used to have trucks but cannot justify having one as my sole vehicle. Heck, park an aluminum utility trailer in the garage and I have a truck when I need one. TIA, Bill
  13. All, Thanks for all the responses. They've aided me in my on-going decision making process.
  14. Thanks all, Quite frankly, if I need a full size truck; I'll just opt for a one-ton RAM with a high GVWR and load a truck camper on it. I was trying to hold on to my minimalist ethic but it appears I cannot. I'm also looking at trading my 4Runner in on a RAM 6.7L Cummins 4x4 with a 6 speed manual and a 10,100 pound GVWR. I can load a Northern Lite 8-11 SE on that and not have the hassle of towing and be more boondocking capable. Thanks for helping me make a decision.
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