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  1. Great job, unfortunately it now gives me another project.
  2. I do not see how to add a “poll” I hope this isn’t a problem for many owners. I was concerned that I could experience I catastrophic short in the electrical system. Didn’t happen but can’t use the inverter as I in wrapped in in a blanket to “keep it safe”.
  3. Do like the forum. Tremendous amount of info on the Ollie. I believe the mount is hope. I have contacted service and am awaiting a reply.
  4. I have a 2019 elite II. Last week I “discovered” the inverter was screwed to a board which was then glued to the inside hill with very little adhesive. Bottom line both the inverter AND the transfer switch are laying in the bottom of the hull, heals in place by the cables. Anyone try to revalue theirs or have a better fix. I’m thinking of putting a shelf under the street side bed and use those screws to remount the inverter.
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