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  1. Will be having permanently mounted HAM radio (trailer as the base station) mobile HAM in vehicle and on person, and mobile CB in vehicle for when useful. Will be relying on the HAM gear, primarily. GPS features, family groups with text/picture/location and guidance features, trailer base station as cross channel repeat (trailer as a mini repeater to extend range/horizon), digital modes, and APRS tracking make it too good to pass up for me.
  2. I was looking at something like that @SeaDawg but didn't know it was commercially available. Sometimes it seems everything has already been invented, 🙂 I was originally thinking either telescoping base or scissor lift, with a way to move the table around when it's in the dinette position (like some other trailers have). Another option was repurposing the small dinette table and setting that space up as a bench/couch full-time. All rough ideas for now, but the telescoping Springfield could work! Thanks for the tip!
  3. Having had personal experience with Honda Ridgeline and Pilot, I can say that they are TOUGH overbuilt vehicles, with fantastic AWD systems. I personally do not feel that they have the power needed to cross mountainous regions of the US with anything more than 3-4k lbs of additional weight, combined trailer + payload. The V6 is low on low-end torque, and the Pilot has a low payload rating when put into towing duties. Same with the Ridgeline, but between the two, the Ridgeline is the better tow vehicle. We upgraded to an Audi Q7 which is one option for you, also Dodge Durango, and Tahoe. I
  4. Hi everyone, Mr.J here and happy to be so! I'm one of the few, the proud, the future Oliver owners. It's probably a bit early to do an introduction, but better now since I'm starting to be active searching through the forums and following interesting (to me) folks and conversations. My family is probably a little younger than most, we're in our low thirties, but I've been drawn to RV adventures for a long time. Growing up in urban California, having an RV was not something that was possible, and I was never exposed to it. Let's just say that watching several of my Utah neighbors o
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