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  1. What does Truma say? I would check if they have some sort of filter product for the Varioheat. Maybe you already did that and hence your filter. What if you put some filter material on the air grill on the trailer on the inside since that's where most of the dust will come from. Just thinking of possibilities since we have the same furnace. John
  2. I would think that placing the 4x4 piece at a 90° right in front of the tire with the flipped axle would do it. That 4x4 would only need to be just a little longer than the tire width when the tire is being flattened by going over that 4x4. If I understand your question, I don't think you would need a 3 or 4 foot 4x4 to have it act as a curb length. John
  3. When I was drywalling our daughter's garage, I bought a 10-12 foot 2x12 and placed it about mid way up between two step ladders. Her garage ceilings are 10 feet high. Granted that's a stable floor surface, but I wonder if something like that might work. You just have to be very cognizant of your feet at all times. Just thinking of possibilities. John
  4. Our three kids always enjoyed camping when they were growing up. We tented initially then moved up to first a used pop up trailer, then a new pop up. I am looking forward to taking our grandson camping with our LE2. He just turned one so it won't be immediately. John
  5. Usually you can choose to save user name (apparently a number in this case) and password, or just user name and supply the password. On things other than my Cayman Island or Swiss bank accounts, I opt for the KISS method and just save as much as they allow for ease of logging in. I would be surprised if there's not an easy way to just save log in information. John
  6. True that too, Bill. But then think of all the things we sign up for everywhere that have pages of legal statements that very few of us read. When you sign up for phone service even! You probably missed the part where if someone from Mars lands and takes your phone that you won't hold the phone company liable for loss of use. John
  7. It looks to me that it's thorough and protects both OTT and the owner showing their trailer. I am not an attorney, but it seems to cross every "t" and dot every "i". John
  8. Matt, I will study this program some more. Initially, I was skeptical of it, but you have gone the extra mile to explain it. I may change my mind and willingly participate. Rivernerd brought up a good point about liability which if reviewed and revised to everyone's satisfaction, we may get more owners willing to participate. Thanks for explaining the program to us. Have a great week. John
  9. My first impression was $20/year for a credit card that I don't want! No thanks. Lots of legal mumbo jumbo that I didn't want to wade through. Not too excited about this program. Maybe if a lot of us opt out of the program, they will come up with one that's a bit more user friendly. Sort of like going on strike. The company needs willing owners to show their trailers. I have no issue with showing our trailer, but at first glance of this program, I don't feel inclined to do it in this fashion. If someone stops by at a campground I can answer questions or show them. I made sure that the two people that showed their trailers to us got credit when we picked up our trailer. Hopefully they were compensated. My basic feeling...not thrilled about it. John
  10. "AS far as the original cord being used - I'd make sure that it had UV protection applied to it at least every couple of months." Bill, how is that done? We live on a north facing hill and have sun on the trailer area only about half the day due to some tall fir trees, so it's not as solar intensive, but I would be interested in what UV protection you use. Thanks. John
  11. Thanks. I think that I will get that. I want to reserve my supplied power cord for camping use and using that 15 foot cord will save wear on my 25 foot cord due to weather. It also might come in handy for those rare times when we might need more than 25 feet to reach the pedestal. I assume that I could use both cords together in those cases. John
  12. Good to know that occasionally you need an extension. John
  13. Hi all, strange question, but our trailer is parked by the garage and I am using the OTT power cord plugged into our new 30 amp outlet that we had installed for the storage time. Should I have a different cord for that purpose? It's maybe 15 feet to the outlet. I just wonder if having my trailer power cord exposed to the elements for 5-6 months is wise. Maybe I should get a cord that's shorter for storage season and leaving the "good" power cord for actual use camping. TIA. John
  14. That's a great spot for remotes and the cartridge. John
  15. I picked up on November 7 and had ordered the electric antifreeze option. They asked me if I planned to winterize before leaving Tennessee, but I chose to wait. They hooked up the antifreeze cartridge and put the original cartridge in the lower right corner. When I did winterize I removed the electric one. Too bad there's not two places to store the cartridges in the water heater. One is in the lower right, and the other is in the trailer in a drawer. John
  16. You're right, about where it's stored. John
  17. That is correct. You use the original filter to put the tablets in. I have both the original and the electric antifreeze cartridge (filters). John
  18. Similar experience for me also. No sweating on the walls, but it was only me. Walls felt cool, but not cold in 5-10° John
  19. They did a nice job. Love the "airport lights" and pad area. John
  20. We chose 20# propane containers for the very reasons you wrote. Hauling those 30# ones back into the trailer would be very hard to do. John
  21. Is that to keep some tension on the TV so if the trailer bounces, the TV doesn't come down to viewing position? Any pictures of how you do that? John
  22. Bill, my TST 507 gives readings without needing rotation also. It takes a few minutes to get readings from all the tires so I typically turn it on ten minutes or so before we leave. I haven't needed to install the repeater for the trailer. John
  23. I bought the TST 507 tpms for both the LE2 and the TV. My reasoning for the tv sensors was that as I understand it, the vehicle sensors are for pressure only. I wanted to see the temperatures too. I bought a ViAir to air up the tires as needed. John
  24. Chris, somewhere I thought I read that Oliver doesn't recommend running the generator while in the basket. Any concerns? John
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