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  1. That's good to know. It looks like it would be useful for eating at or playing games.
  2. I may go with the Lagun table side mount that someone here makes, but it seems most people don't use the table much. Foy makes a nice wooden table top so I may do that in the future.
  3. I am just trying to get my option list figured out before August. Are you going with the basement access door?
  4. That sounds useful. It's not a terribly expensive option (in the grand scheme). What heater do you have? I read that some people have a Vornado heater that they can plug in when they have power. Maybe yours just fits the dimensions of that spot, maybe it goes into a milk crate. Those crates are popular in that basement it appears.
  5. We need to finalize our options list by August. In looking at the basement access door, it looks quite small. There's also access to the basement under the streetside bed. I wonder how useful that access door is. I can see a couple benefits; open it up in cold weather to get more warm air between the hulls, and a place to put small items like shoes or slippers. Do any of you owners have that option and was it worth it? I will probably be asking lots of questions. Sorry in advance!
  6. I rode self contained from San Diego to New Brunswick, Canada in 2019. We did immediately start climbing too. In April, two of us are starting from the same area (Carlsbad) riding to Portland, Maine. I have thought of using the Ollie the same way to ride some great portions. Maybe a Brompton folding bike to store in the tv. I don't like the idea of having it on the back getting grit in the chain because it is on a bike rack.
  7. As OTT has ramped up production, are we seeing more quality issues? We pick up ours in November. I do plan to stick around for a few days to check everything out. My pick up day is a Monday so we can correct anything before leaving. I thought they had a quality control inspection as the trailer is being built.
  8. It's a great group of people on the forum. I have learned a lot. We pick up on November 7. You're ahead of us on your delivery day.
  9. Do they ever have rallys in the West? We're in Oregon. We don't get ours until November this year.
  10. Somewhere I saw a list of things to bring on pick up day. I don't know if OTT has such a list. Someone on the forum had written a list. Anyone know where to find that?
  11. Crazy question, but do you get up on top and wash, or does everyone use a ladder and use a long handled brush to get the top. I bet it's slick up on top.
  12. But isn't that a great idea to have two doors?
  13. "Dingo would have approved of our choice of an Oliver." Great name and that's my dream garage for a trailer, pull straight in because there are two doors.
  14. My delivery date is November 7, so hopefully they will know something by then. I am interested in the Truma also.
  15. "We stopped in Wilcox AZ at a truck wash that had decent ratings. Just wanted to get the caked on stuff off." What does it cost for a trailer wash at those places? Do they do it or is it like a self serve car wash? Hopefully they're careful around the solar and other attached items.
  16. Does the Ollie come with weather stripping around the outside doors?
  17. Hi Kim, we paid our deposit about two weeks ago. I chose November 7 for our pick up date. Are they talking about going with a Truma A/C? When I talked with our sales guy he didn't know if it was a done deal. The terms and conditions are standard contract language in my view. Those things rarely make a person feel all warm and cozy. We signed ours. Welcome to the Oliver family.
  18. "I wouldn't. Propane tanks, even "empty" ones, should only be carried in a properly vented area. Propane us heavier than air, and if leaked, it collects in the lowest area. " My intuition was the same. Thanks for verifying that it was not a good idea. What could possibly go wrong? 💥🎆🧨🔥
  19. "I'd carry an extra old one, from your grill, or a garage sale, in a milk crate to keep it upright, in the truck bed." We will be towing with a Ford Expedition, so no truck bed. Can an extra 20 pound tank be put into a milk crate and stored in the basement storage area? We're leaning towards the tongue storage box, but won't have to finalize options until August. I was figuring on using that box storage area for chocks, levelers and the things that push against both tires to stabilize the trailer, basically for things needed for set-up. I don't know if a tank would fit along with everything else.
  20. We have had a tent trailer for 19 years that's 18 feet long. I found that backing that was much easier than our neighbor's 8 foot landscape trailer. I once rented a small trailer with a rototiller that was maybe 5 feet long that was very hard to back up. I am anticipating an easier time with the Ollie that we will get in November due to its size. Anyone else have similar experiences with shorter trailers and find them harder to back up?
  21. I understand that used truck inventory is limited and the prices are higher. Not sure if this is still a problem, but it's been mentioned before that there's a shortage of trucks and vehicles in general.
  22. I am also. Our delivery date is November 7 so we have until mid August to finalize options.
  23. "If you plan on using one a bunch then something like the Viair is really good. But, a compressor that expensive is really not necessary for most applications." I saw lots of models of Viair compressors. It does seem like a good idea to have one. What model do you use? Can that also be used for any winterizing? When I take my tent trailer in for winterizing they blow out the lines to get rid of trapped water. Thanks
  24. That was my thought after reading the forum. You all have been very helpful. Hopefully the weather will be OK then.
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