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  1. Is this upgrade now standard on new Anderson hitches? We are going to get the Anderson hitch for the Elite 2 that we just ordered.
  2. Hi dedroll, How is the upgrade different from the standard unit?
  3. As mentioned in my post last night, my wife and I are researching which options to get when ordering a Legacy 2 (thanks to those who replied to my questions). I forgot to ask about the advantages or disadvantages of the Truma AquaGo on-demand water heater.
  4. Hello everyone!, My wife and I are planning to order a Legacy Elite 2 standard floor plan in the near future, and we have some questions for current owners about upgrades we are considering. Responses to any or all questions would be greatly appreciated. We plan to contact Oliver directly with the same questions, but want to get feedback from owners. As a little background, we have traveled in the western USA with our Little Guy teardrop trailer for the past five years, and feel that it's time to get a 'real' trailer with four-season capability, and have settled on an Oliver after extensi
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