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  1. We want to get a Q-series Weber for our September 2021 delivery date LE2, which will come with propane quick disconnects. From the research I've done, the regulator on the Weber would have to be removed, and a quick disconnect fitting installed, which seem easy enough. For anyone who has done this mod, does the grill still work properly?
  2. Thanks for the information, John. Now I'm curious why my local AAA office told me they could not handle the registration. Update: I just called my local AAA office again - AAA offices in Southern California and Northern California are owned by different companies, with different rules regarding vehicle registration.
  3. We live in Shasta County in Northern California, and will be taking delivery of our LE2 in September 2021. For those (few) Ollie owners in California, what was your experience in registering the trailer with the DMV like? I was told by an agent at our local AAA office that in addition to processing any paperwork, the trailer would have to be brought to a DMV office for inspection. Thanks for any feedback.
  4. We are planning to order a set of Magma nesting pots, but are trying to decide between the regular and non-stick versions. How durable is the non-stick finish in your experience? I know that you shouldn't use metal utensils.
  5. For anyone with an Elite 2 who use the Andersen levelers, do they fit between the tires without modification? Andersen indicates that they can be shortened by as much as 4 inches. We used one Andersen leveler on our single-axle teardrop trailer, and am considering getting another one to use when we take delivery of our Elite 2 in September 2021. Thanks.
  6. I have been considering buying one of these ladders, which are available at my local Camping World. Do you think a 10 foot ladder is tall enough to access the roof for detailing and maintenance work, or should I get the 12 footer? I will take delivery of my Elite 2 in September of this year, and am researching items to bring with us when we travel to the mothership to collect out trailer.
  7. I have a 2020 RAM 1500 EcoDiesel. I contacted BEM at the number on Patriot's invoice, and was told that BEM sells their locking fuel and DEF caps through Genosgarage.com. I just placed an online order for a locking fuel cap and locking DEF cap at Genosgarage.com. I called Genos to ask about keys, and was told that the keys are the same for both the fuel and DEF caps, with each cap coming with two keys. The fuel cap was $59.95, and DEF cap was $49.00, before tax and shipping. Both products are currently backordered, with expected delivery in early April.
  8. Ray & Susan, I really like how you have decorated Pearl. Is the wood cutting board covering the stove custom made or off the shelf?
  9. Thanks Overland, Your earlier post where you stated that the Nev-R-Lube axles would be available "starting this year" made me hopeful that our trailer would have those axles, but Jason's reply that "it will depend on when the plant starts installing them on 2022 models and if there is a good supply" made me question that. Do you know what Oliver considers a 'model year' - began production in, or delivered in a given year? We ordered our Ollie in November 2020, understanding that production and delivery would happen sometime in 2021, making our Ollie a 2021 model.
  10. Hi Overland, Are the Dexter Nev-R-Lube axles on your trailer a retrofit? I contacted Jason about the possibility of the Nev-R-Lube axles being available in time for the September 2021 delivery date for my Elite 2. He replied that it would depend on when Oliver starts installing them on the 2022 models, and if there is a good supply, as they are currently experiencing problems with vendors being able to meet demand.
  11. Ray & Susan, What brand of remote temperature sensors are you using? I searched the Forum and found one brand that came with 8 sensors, which seems like more that would be necessary.
  12. Mike & Carol, Where does the Vornado heater plug in? I can't tell from the photo. Our Elite 2 Twin is scheduled to be hatched this fall, and we plan to use the small portable electric heater we currently have in our T@G teardrop. Your 'home on the road' looks very cozy!
  13. Thanks for the feedback. I will ask Phil Andrews about the shower curtain - when I posted the question last night I had a feeling that at some point in time I heard or read that the track came equipped with a curtain. I'm not trusting my memory as much as I used to.
  14. According to the upgrades list, the shower track option does not include a shower curtain. For those of you who have this option, what style/size curtain works for you? Does a standard 'home' shower curtain fit the contours of the bath/toilet area? Thanks for any advice - these forum posts have been invaluable. I'm trying to have as few surprises as possible when we collect our Legacy Elite 2 in September 2021.
  15. As someone who will be taking delivery of a Legacy Elite 2 in September 2021, I was concerned about the breakaway cable being too short in some situations. I have essentially the same TV as SherMica, so I emailed Phil Andrews to ask what Oliver could do to remedy the problem. He replied that "The length of the breakaway is regulated by RVIA. On most tow vehicles this is not an issue. For the rare occasion that it is, the breakaway is connected to the truck with a D-link or carabiner type fastener." I'm planning on bringing an aftermarket coiled breakaway cable on delivery day, jus
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