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  1. Agree the Bigfoot floorpan is very nice (shame about their interior design choices). I tried to just do a design that slightly "reimagined" or stretched the OEII. I am guessing the double-hull fiberglass Ollie has some design limitations with curves etc. But sure, a blank sheet of paper is fun.
  2. I hear you about the +1.5 feet! But I think 28'-30' is a whole different market. 25ft is the sweet spot in my extremely limited real world (but deep dive YouTube 🤣) experience. Wet bath seems to scare some people, so a dry bath seems natural move in a larger Ollie. Although I love all the creative ways people have screened-off the toilet in the Ollie.
  3. Oh, I'd also add a window over the kitchen sink area too
  4. Just "playing" in the evening ...😀 For the shower door, I would use one of those nifty euro style translucent roll-around doors that glide on tracks top and bottom. I think nu-Camp Avia used one in their shower.
  5. I am sure this has been discussed, but here is my "reimagined" OEIII.... "Middle-age spread" 🤣 Max 25' (+1.5' over OEII) and maybe + 6 inches wider. Keeping the same basic layout: Moving the closet to center. Converting original closet to shower space (dry bath). Moving fridge to center. Moving Pantry to prior fridge space. Picture for attention! Goals included!
  6. I would definitely like to see the older style absorption refrigerator switched to a newer compressor refrigerator. Even if in the same slot, it would be larger and certainly a welcome improvement; faster cooling, less susceptible to off-level situations. They are extremely energy efficient these days. Also a quieter A/C unit. Larger Fresh water tank. Ok to keep the same size trailer.
  7. Phew 😅 I agree, doubt Oliver will push the size, seems like they want to stay a niche company, which is actually a good thing. Once they get too big, things go wrong; staff turnover then quality drops, then the dreaded "Thor" affect! I like that they have increased the Lithium offerings + the composting toilet is great.. don't see that much. Hopefully I will arrange a Ollie customer visit soon, so able to relate to this thread better. Enjoy the ride and do what makes you happy 😀
  8. Great topic and ideas for improvement. Thanks for sending to Oliver, I really hope they listen, it seems you put a lot of thought into it from real-world experience. So here are my views. But I will add the following: I don't own an Oliver yet, but planning to buy one soon. Never been in one yet either. My comments below are purely from YouTube/FB etc, so don't roast me 🤣 Most I what I observed is on your very comprehensive list - just writing down the things that jumped out at me: Need bigger fresh water tank, perhaps option to ditch/convert blank tank to fresh where the composting toilet is optioned. Need a bigger refrigerator and definitely a compressor style one. Switch to a MPTT solar controller. More solar, perhaps a fold-out option (not sure of that is feasible). Door pockets like nu-camp trailers. Lot's of people complain the a/c unit is too loud - I see you have that covered above, but can it be ducted too? Automatic leveling jacks. Reverse the blackout window blind and screen; blackout should start from bottom to add some privacy, while still letting some light from the top. Sonos speaker option for audiophiles. Hinge top cabinets from top and add a gas strut. Also love the idea of a slightly larger Elite III, definitely wider, but not too much longer. Dry-bath would be great, somewhere to lounge would be nice, not just the bed option. For example, flip-up leg extenders on dinette seating. Thanks again Paul
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