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  1. I guess I was lucky, because I've hitched up my Ollie a grand total of three times (leaving the factory, leaving the factory campground, and leaving an enroute stop on the way home). The last time is when I tried my approach described above when we were at a curved pull-thru at a state park. The Anderson went on easily. I pulled forward and the ball was below the coupler but off to the right maybe an inch. Like you said, the lever did not close, so I pushed and my wife pulled and the ball dropped into the correct position. We closed the lever and were on our way, the first time. If I needed to reposition, I have two options: Back up (a few inches) and try again. This is a delicate maneuver--no heavy feet. Don't run the back of your TV into the hitch. If relatively level, I'd even consider pulling forward (inches, not yards) while still attached to the Anderson and restarting the hookup. This lines up the TV and the trailer better. The risk is having the trailer not stop moving forward when the TV stops, and hitting the TV. For safety, I could put my chocks a foot in front of the trailer wheels or I could even plug in my 7-pin connector and have brakes, if long enough.
  2. I may not be the smartest camper around, but why not back the TV a couple of inches past the hitch coupler socket, hook up the Anderson first (should have slack), and pull the TV forward to drop bulldog onto the ball and tighten the slack on the Anderson chains? No mods necessary.
  3. We bought our Ollie to enable us to take extended trips (>1 month in duration). Do the members of this forum have any suggestions or strong opinions on services or memberships or (I'm afraid to say it) apps that make travelling easier on the road or at home while away? For instance: Type: Example Big box department stores: Sam's Club; Costco International data plans to call from Canada or Mexico Boondocking clubs: Harvest Host; Boondockers Welcome A lawn mowing service Automatic bill pay Mail forwarding etc
  4. The link is for the site, not an article. Can you be more specific with the link or the title of the article?
  5. Wolf Creek Pass, in southern Colorado (your Alamosa to Durango leg), is one of the snowiest passes in Colorado. I'm not saying it's a no-go...I am saying watch the weather.
  6. We picked up our Ollie on 6/6 and stayed in the Ollie campground for two nights shaking down our new trailer. Then we headed back to San Antonio. It was great to meet a few old timer's in for service after the rally.
  7. So it's been 10 months since @tripmushrv started this thread and you've gotten your Ollie! I'm interested in how your checklist has evolved. You got a lot of good feedback and now you've gotten some practice. Has it been helpful to have the checklist? Are you finding that you are more confident now? I appreciate your effort as we are leaving tomorrow to pick up our Ollie on Monday and have a copy of your checklist in hand so we "don't forget". 😀
  8. I'm waiting for my 2022 Ford but I inquired at the dealership. They said that the backup camera is integrated into the screen (nice) but the camera is wired (not nice). Trying to figure out which direction I want to go, which really means that I'm trying to figure out how/if I can mount the camera and safely run the wire to the hitch area.
  9. Some are bold. Some are blue. Some are...not. Why? What does this signify?
  10. Wow! What an intimidating and concerning thread for a newbie. I stumbled onto this thread looking for advice as to the tool kit I should take with us as we go to pick up our new trailer. Initially, I favor @SeaDawg and @topgun2's approach of having a set of bandaids to get moving again (probably until I'm scarred by some catastrophic event at which point I'll join the RV preppers contingent). While I have been able to discern that this long thread wanders through many topics, some for home base and some for on the road, I'm left with a few questions: Why the tire plug kit? Doesn't the trailer come with a spare tire? I'm not following the logic of that need. I put on the spare and take the original tire somewhere for repair/replacement. Where do I find the kit in topgun2's photo? Since I'm driving from Hohenwald to San Antonio (just under 900 miles) what do I truly need to monitor or ask the Oliver folks about monitoring on the way home? The posts about the "play" in the wheels concerned me.
  11. Is Oliver affected by the LP gas fittings recall? A recall was announced affecting 21,000+ RVs on Monday, May 9th. Just wondering.
  12. How does this system work WITHOUT the auto drain option? Is the option simply an electric switch vs a manual valve? I'm trying to understand what the $300 gets me and how things work without one.
  13. We are in the San Antonio area and are picking up our LE2 in June. Hopefully, soon, we'll have enough Ollies for our own little rally down here in South Texas.
  14. So after reading this article, I ran across the Camping with Pets article further down the page and wondered: Can we camp with our dog at the new Oliver campsites?
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