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  1. Thanks. I've tightened up the screws for now. This will go on a list of things to fix the next time I get back to the factory.
  2. My solar panel inside is only being held on by one screw (the right side). The left one seems to be the victim of some non-standard cutting. Is there a way to get behind this and use a bolt and nut? Or a bead of clear silicon caulk?
  3. No, but I recognize the locking pin as the mechanism we use to secure our propane tanks. Didn't even look in there. Mysteries solved and got a few good tips on securing the Bulldog hitch. Thank you community! One other takeaway is that I can put the cotter pin in with my other spare parts (fuses, etc). It doesn't need to be on the keyring.
  4. We have the electric lock door which has a remote and key identified by the brand, RVLock, so I don't think it's the door key, but, I admit, I didn't try it. Our Bulldog hitch has a hitch pin to keep it's lever secure. However, the pin we use to secure the Anderson weight distribution hitch uses a cotter pin for security....Hmmm, that could be it for #2.
  5. These three keys were on our camper key ring. #1 is used for locking/unlocking the external compartments (basement and batteries). #2 and #3 are mysteries to us. We'd appreciate any help.
  6. We love Davis Mountains State Park. We're usually there around Labor Day to get a break from the San Antonio summer heat. It's a great birding spot and has a fair amount of trails. If hiking is not your thing or the weather is bad, we also love the old fort, and Alpine has the Museum of the Big Bend at Sul Ross State University and the Reata restaurant. We've been to Big Bend twice, but going there is a commitment. Driving to the Big Bend National Park visitor center from Fort Davis is almost three hours each way. For Fredericksburg, we enthusiastically support the above suggestions: Enchanted Rock, the war museum, LBJ Ranch, and the wineries.
  7. @routlaw Thanks for mentioning this. I use the app as well but hadn't realized that the app's data wasn't being updated.
  8. Thanks @bhncb for the suggestions. Our TV comes down often. I'll go through your list.
  9. Just completed a 2600-mile adventure from San Antonio to Sedona, AZ to the Gila Wilderness, NM. Stayed 6 nights at Rancho Sedona RV Park in Sedona. Pricey, but convenient! Loved the hiking but crazy busy especially on the weekend. The highlight was actually the Gila Wilderness where we enjoyed a quiet, dark, and unplugged stay. Stayed at Gila Hot Springs 4 nights. Saw multiple Ollies in the wild on I-10. On 25 Oct, we saw two Ollies in West Texas while traveling westbound. One was headed east and the other we caught up with heading west. We then saw the same(?) Ollie (TN plates) heading west in AZ on the 26th after staying the night in Demming, NM. Above: West Fork of Oak Creek Trail, Sedona, AZ Above: Devil's Bridge, Sedona, AZ Above: Gila Hot Springs, NM Above: Cooking breakfast in Gila Hot Springs, NM Above: The Gila River making its way to the Gulf of California. Not a human structure in sight!
  10. We've been listening to the following books on our trips: Prey series by John Sanford (gritty crime novels, up to book #6) Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan Origin by Dan Brown The Chemist by Stephanie Meyer All the Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood
  11. Well the hypothetical has become reality: we have our enclosed spot, no sun. Just checking in with y'all that the recommendation for lithium batteries is to turn them off. I'm assuming that means the button on each battery, correct? Then when it's time to use the trailer, turn the batteries back on and let the solar recharge them?
  12. I wanted to update this post. Within a couple of days of initiating this post I made contact with the factory. The service team was very helpful in setting me up with a local repair shop. To make a long story short, everything was fixed by Labor Day at no cost to me. No leaks, looks good!
  13. I never thought about turning the batteries off. Thanks. How important is the leveling with an empty trailer, empty tanks, and refrigerator off?
  14. We live in San Antonio and our RV storage place is expanding and I have options that I haven't had until now and need to make a decision. We have few freezes but the sun is brutal most of the summer. Enclosed: most secure, most protected, most expensive. Question: Do I need to plug in (only 20A) to keep the batteries charged since no sun to have solar do it? Covered: currently have an end spot so more exposed to the sun. We have the Ollie cover so we can do that, but not convenient and do we have to plug in (same question as above)? Covered, but not necessary to put the Ollie cover on it. Exposed Do I need tire covers? Any thoughts on how to smartly store an Ollie in between uses would be appreciated.
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