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  1. What do you use to get the bug splatter off the front of trailer? Just bringing it home from factory and bug splatter looks kinda like pockadots on it
  2. we did get the TV and Furrion speakers working. However the sound from the speakers constantly goes on and off when connected to TV. TV can't seem to pick up any TV local stations the last2 days but we haven't moved out of the RV park since Sunday and then we had 22 stations. We have zero now. The radio works great and the sound is awesome. Wish we could get the TV antenna to pick up some stations. Using my phone hotspot is expensive and the signal for phone in near Galcier National Park isn't great either. We have a 2021 Elite II
  3. I only have the regular antenna on tv. When we run ac I can't hear the tv and thought if it was connected to the speakers at least I could hear it at the dinet seats
  4. I really like the current model. Just wished there was a 110 outlet under the dinet upper storage near the bathroom door mirror to plug my hairdryer in as my dryer cord isn't long enough fo the dryer to reach both sides of my head.
  5. Has anyone connected the vizio tv to the stereo speakers.
  6. Our generator box is almost finished. We will.post picture when it is done
  7. It is plugged in shore power at home
  8. Frig was working fine while parked on propane until today. It may be air in the line but after a week there shouldn't be. But sin e the regulator said the tank was empty and yet the tank is still heavy to pick up it may be the regulator.
  9. We only have one tank connected and the valve was open all the way. Its been too hot to check since we got home but we left it running on propane since we got home and today the tank regulator showed red and no gas was getting into the trailer but the tank was still almost full. Hopefully service returns our call soon
  10. We. An hear the flame flickering when we are standing next to the frig vent ouside
  11. Norcold. We ha e looked it up on Google and there are videos too but none discus our actual problem
  12. Is the wind messing with the flame while we are driving at 70mph and blowing the flame out?
  13. We are physically changing it to propane to drive because on auto we couldn't tell what power source it was using.
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