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  1. This is a weird issue, my wife just told me about it just this morning so I haven't had a chance to diagnose anything yet. Apparently there is low voltage at the cigaret lighter that is over the cook top. I have a 12 volt tire pump with a built in flash light. If you plug it into the 12 volt receptacle above the cook top the flash light is dim and the pump will not run. If you plug it into the 12 volt receptacle above and to the right of the TV it works fine. It appears that the outlet over the cook top is not getting the full 12 volts. When we purchased the pump a few months back we pumped the tires using both of the receptacles and they both worked without any issues. We used the one over the cook top to inflate the tires on the curb side and the one next to the TV to inflate the tires on the street side without a problem. I tried it with the inverter on running off the batteries and with the inverter off and on shore power, nothing changes. Something weird is going on. Bill
  2. My awning is not closing it stays open about 1 inch. I read the directions and watched youtube videos on how to adjust it. My issue is that it seems like the 4mm Allen wrench does not fit. I even took the end cap off to see if I can see better but that was of no help. It is in such a tight space its hard to see if the wench is going into the socket or not. They paint the adjustment screws red and white and its possible the paint is preventing the wrench from seating. Has anyone else had this issue. Thanks Bill
  3. I was not aware of the tank halo or I would have bought them I basically made the same thing but they fall off when I pick the tank up so I need to make sure they stay on when I go to fill the tank. I think I may buy 2 from Mopeke it will eliminate a problem.
  4. We have them on our 30 gallon tanks and they work great. The only thing I had to do was I made some spacers to lift the tanks about 1/4 inch because the unit that mounts to the bottom of the tank is proud of the rim by about 1/8 inch and it hits the ground and or the floor of the dog house. It comes with little aluminum spacers to raise it up but they didn’t work very well. When I take the tank out to fill them you can’t sit the tanks down on the ground or you will brake the sending unit that is stuck on the bottom of thank. Maybe our tanks are made differently but that is the case with ours, but they work great. We like them because we de winterize our Ollie in March and leave the heat at 40 and I can check the tank levels every couple days without even going out to the trailer.
  5. stephanie and Bud your only in CT if you want to come up some week end we would love to take you there. It’s close to a bike trail and it’s along the river so bring your canoe. It also has a free dump station and H2O. We usually bring extra food to feed the glider guys and the theoretical airport manager who we are good friends with. It’s very dark and is great for star gazing. There can be a lot of glider traffic on a good week end so if you don’t like the noise it could be and issue. Week days there is no one there so if you like quite week days are it. Bill
  6. No its not a harvest host, its a long story. Ive been going there since I was a kid and it was very active at one time with a restaurant, flight school and banquet facilities. The owner died about 30 years ago and the kids lived out of state and wanted nothing to do with it. So they paid the taxes for 30 years and it became abandoned. Then some pilots just started using it again with no string attached and it became place where people would hang out and fly all kinds of crazy stuff. Then about 4 years ago it was sold to a Chinese company and they nocked down the old restaurant and then Covid hit and they went back to China. No one knows whats going on so the glider guys keep mowing the grass, and flying their gliders. Its been this way for over 30 years. Its a crazy time. Bill
  7. We finally got out for a couple of days and camped at an airport about 30 miles from home. Its free and was fun to get out for the first time this season. Can you believe it his 93 Degrees in MA in April. The trailer hit 96 degrees inside but it cooled down at night and was a good time eating peanuts and looking at the stars.
  8. happy Easter everyone 🙏
  9. If I understand this correctly Im supposed to run the batteries down to LVC and re charge them every 6 months. If this is so does anyone have a recommended procedure and how I should discharge them (ie run an electric heater) and how do I know when they are at LVC. The other question is why is the Norcold refrigerator not connected to the inverter? thanks Bill
  10. I thought some people might find this interesting for what is worth. With gray and black water empty I filled my fresh water tank to capacity and it added 43 pounds to the tongue. It went from 509 lbs to 552 ponds. I then put my bike receiver and mountain bikes on the rear bumper a total weight of 88 pounds and the tongue weight went down to 508 lbs a 44 pound difference. I was surprised the bikes made that much difference. It goes to show where you put the weight can make a big difference in the CG.
  11. Thanks for all the information this is our first year with the trailer we bought it last October and only got to use it for about 10 days. It sat for 3 months winterized and we just flushed and bleached everything. So the tank is now empty and I will leave it empty until our next trip hopefully the weekend after easter. Its been plugged into shore power all winter so I guess we need to run the lithium batteries down and re charge them. Thats next on the list of things to do Bill
  12. This may be a stupid question but I was wondering what most people do in between trips when the Ollie is sitting idle for a few weeks at a time. Should I fill my fresh water tank, empty it or don’t worry about it until it’s time to winterize? Bill
  13. I was thinking the same thing but I have not had any funny feelings towing it all seems pretty stable to me. With that said I’ve only towed about 1,500 miles to date. I also have two full 30 gallon propane tanks so that adds weight up front. like I said I’m going to fill my fresh water tank and re weigh it, maybe it will put weight up front. I also usually have two bicycles on the back which will move weight back. With in a week or so I will weigh it again with bikes, water and make sure my propane is topped off and see how much things change. Bill
  14. I decided to weigh my trailer because there is a lot of discussion. I have a set of scales I use to do weight and Ballance on Aircraft and they are very accurate. I did a quick and dirty weight but will re do it on the hanger floor in another week fully loaded. The trailer is a 2022 LEII with solar, lithium a convection microwave and two full 30 Gallon propane tanks. At the moment it is still winterized so it has no water. We have a Lavio toilet so there is no black tank water. It is loaded and ready to go with everything we travel with less the 240pounds of fresh water. The trailer weighs in at 5,220 pound add the fresh water and we are at 5,460 pounds. The weight on the tongue is 509 lbs. I plan to re weigh it with the fresh water full to see if it changes the tongue weight. So that’s it in a nut shell. Before someone comments I put the trailer back down level on the tires and moved the load cell under the trailer ball to get the tongue weight, I did not take a picture of it. Bill
  15. I almost took mine to Cannon mountain skiing last week end but I decided for the two nights it wasn’t worth getting salt all over it. But it’s coming out for April, it’s the first time I will have another few days to go someplace. Bill
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