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  1. We have a GMC diesel Canyon and we love it. Will pull our elite II at hi-way speed up and over every thing we’ve been over. Been over the smokies Aderondaks in NY and the Whites of NH with no problem. on Average we get about 24MPG and 19MPG while towing. The small truck fits in my garage and it’s my everyday driver.
  2. Thanks for the help I think I will try the garden hose trick and leave it connected and coiled up. As far as the leaky valve I will lube the valve but I think it’s out of adjustment because it has leaked from day one. We have a Lavio toilet so we only have only gray water. We also noticed when we had the pump on by mistake we used a portion of our fresh water. Its not a problem I just wanted to understand how it worked just in case we turned the pump on by accident when hooked to city water.
  3. My wife said the same thing, I tend to make this difficult. Do you find that you gray water shut off doesn’t shut completely. Ours leaks quite a bit with it fully closed.
  4. this is a two part question that I feel rather stupid asking. Is there any harm in running the water pump while be hooked up to city water. This past trip we inadvertently turned on the water pump to run the water while being hooked up to city water. We hardly ever stay where there are hook ups so out of habit we would turn the pump on to use the water while being hooked up to city water. The other question is I find it hard to connect and disconnect the gray and black water drain hose because it sits about a foot in from the bumper. It’s not a huge problem because we only have gray water so it is less of a mess if it leaks. I have a few ideas on how to move the plumbing to an easier location but I’m sure someone has done it already. Bill
  5. When Nancy and I picked up out Olie last October we spent the better part of a day at the Nuclear Museum in Oak Ridge. It was on our way back home but I dont think it was that far away. We found it very interesting
  6. We showed our trailer to some customers who came into our store because they had heard we had an Oliver and asked us to see it. so we had them come by on the following Sunday and spent a better part of an afternoon with them. We filled out the forms on line and never heard boo from Oliver and as far as I know the prospective buyers never got contacted from Oliver either. Don’t hold me to that but I never heard anything back from either party. About a month later I got a call from Oliver with a referral and we spent another afternoon with a nice couple from a nearby town. We told them to consider a new trailer because of the upgrades to the heat , ac and refrigerator in the 2023 model instead of a buying the used 2022 they had a line on in Florida. We thought the extra mods were worth the mob. But they ended up buying the used 2022 in Florida. . Anyway we did get the $50.00 added to our card for showing the trailer to the 2nd couple. We also found out that the rewards card that Oliver uses has a lot of issues from the provider, not Oliver. So as soon as we got the card we ran it through our credit card machine at our store and took the cash. Bill
  7. the lithium is great for that for sure.
  8. We spoke to phil from Oliver at the rally and he has also brought this to attention to his superiors. He has no idea why they switched it on the newer trailers but he gets a lot of complaints about it.
  9. We are at the Oliver rally in ME and we found out that the older Oliver’s had two switches for the porch lights. On for the street side and one for the curbside lights. The newer Oliver’s not sure on the 2023s have only one switch for both sides. It is annoying not only to us but it’s a common complaint of most people that you can’t shut off the street side porch lights. When in a camp ground most of the time all they are good for is to blind your neighbor.
  10. The funny part is I replaced the socket with a new one and it didn't fix the problem. I am very interested in what might have fixed the issue. I went into the fuse panel where the automotive fuses are and found the red LED next to the #9 fuse was lit. It is labeled usb. Number10 fuse is also labeled usb. The lighter socket under the dinette and the one by the tv both indicated 13.5 volts. My guess is they are on fuse # 10 I did not test them to see if that is the case. So I unplugged Fuse # 9 and did a continuity test and it was good. I put it back in and the light went out and everything worked and I now had 13.5 volts not 5.4 volts at the socket above the stove. While i had my head under the table I could hear a buzzing coming from from the EMS. It sounded like a loose connection arcing out intermittently. The bundle of wires going into the EMS were very loose and if I wiggled them I could get the buzzing to go on and off. I opened the EMS and found a loose ground, I snugged it down and the buzzing stopped. My guess is you are right and it was two separate issues. I think the connection on the fuse was either corroded or the fuse was not seated correctly causing the low voltage at the socket. The loose ground in the EMS had nothing to do with anything but would have become an issue down the road if I hadn't found it and snugged it down.
  11. We have a 2022 and it has a pump switch under the sink and use it all the time. Now if we could only turn off the curb side out door lighting it would be great.
  12. Its the EMS stands for Electrical Management System, Its a computer that is located in a black box about 6 inches square where the shore power comes into. Bill
  13. For those of you that are interested I pulled the connections off from the back of the terminals and Isolated the two sockets compliantly from the trailer wiring. I made up a pig tail and ran it from the cigarette lighter from my truck to power the two sockets. The usb worked fine and the cigarette socket read 13.5 volts. So now I knew it must be somewhere in the trailer wiring. After much investigation I found a loose ground inside the EMS under the back dinette seat. I snugged it up and checked all the other connections and lo and behold I now have 13.5. Volts at the socket. Before opening the EMS I contacted Oliver service and told Hanna what I suspected. She gave me the authorization to open up the EMS to check for a loose wire. She said it was a first but was glad I found it as a bad ground can cause an over heat situation. Bill
  14. This is still a puzzle. Oliver sent me a new cigarette lighter socket to replace the existing one over the cook top. I replaced it and its not the problem. With a little more investigation this is what discovered. There is 5.4 volts at the socket but if I disconnect the adjacent usb plug the voltage will jump to 12 volts. The cigarette lighter socket under the dinette and the socket above the bed and to the right of the TV bother register 13.5 volts. I have a call into Oliver and am waiting to see what they say. I’m thinking a bad ground someplace or a loose connection. I haven’t had the time to start ripping things apart and I’m waiting to see if someone might have an idea where to begin looking. bill
  15. It might be as simple as spraying it with WD40. My Bull dog was sticking and hanging up. Just keeping it clean and a little lubricant goes a long way.
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