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  1. Hi Guys, Our favorite Campground is in Spearfish, SD. We are picking up in Dec, can't wait. Happy Trails to you both.
  2. Hi Kenny and Kay, We are waiting for delivery on Dec 16th. We were returning from FL last March, after tent camping for a couple of months, and drove into the Campground at Asseteague. It was a great spot and no one was there, except for one or two sites and of course the ponies. We made our decision right then to go hard side. We figured if we had a unit that could provide us with a little heat and shelter from the wind, we could have stayed for a while, it was quite cold. We look forward to staying on the coast this year after going to the Everglades in our new Oliver and working our way slowly back Home to CT. Congratulations on your Oliver!
  3. That's a big help Steve. I have most or all of that now but had not considered taking it with me. Your post has made me reconsider. For instance I had not considered bringing the compressor. But rethinking it, if I was out in a National Forest without any neighbors (been there) it certainly would be an advantage if I had a flat tire. I will have think about my packing and storage for these items. Thank you for the feedback Steve. I will use your list as a guide. Grayson
  4. For those handymen and handywomen out there. What would the contents of your Oliver Tool Kit look like? Caulk gun, good caulk, razor knife, assorted screw drivers, vise grips. channel locks etc.? Having not picked ours up yet I don't yet know what specific wrenches I might need yet. Maybe solvents, cleaning solutions, etc. etc.? Any experience in this area would be helpful to me to put together a tool box to bring with me. I have collected so many tool here at home I can probably make up quite a tool box from extra tools that I have. Your suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. We have ordered the Solar package for our new Oliver and are considering the Gen basket installation as well for the availability of a gen. We are new to this and do not have experience with the use of power from Battery storage. Our primary electric use, I think, will be from the Solar option. Usually we camp in National Forests, mostly no power available. Considerations for the Gen option: Emergency charging of Batt when down to 50% and no Sun. Infrequent need for air conditioning. Not sure if there are other things that we would want it for. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. I'm looking for contact info for Oliver's upholsterer Richard Johnson. I'd like to make dinette cushion covers and 22" throw pillows and wonder about the amount of fabric needed. Thanks
  7. To All at Oliver, We are not picking up our Ollie until Dec of this year but couldn't wait another minute to visit the Factory and what a great time it was. We had an appointment with Anita for Friday morning but got there early on Thursday and stopped by the Showroom. Anita knew who it was before we walked in the door ( must get a lot of excited people stopping by early). My wife got the opportunity to pick out her choices for flooring, Mattress choice, cushion covers, etc. while we were there on Thursday. We sat in the Ollie they have available in the Showroom and took it all in, it was great. Anita was lovely to us and "down home" welcoming. Friday morning Anita called and we went down a little early had coffee and then started the Factory Tour. Boy was I impressed with the Nuts and Bolts (I guess you would call it) of these trailers. The picture of the frame in the Brochure does not do it justice. This is beautifully crafted, fully welded, strong and substantial Aluminum Frame built for the long haul. The care and construction of the hauls, beefed up at points of penetration with a strong honeycomb material to guarantee no deflection upon installation of accessories, amazing and the steps!!! Well you have probably already seen the steps. The undercarriage; axels, shocks, tires, all the highest quality. It is Quality form Hitch to Marker Plate. Not that I don't appreciate the beauty and efficiency of the inside and all the accessories. My wife will make the inside beautiful and comfortable I have no doubt, can't wait to show it off. We met Larry and Betty Harmon who were their planning their next Tour to get out there and show off the Oliver to people around the Country and Canada. Had a great Lunch prepared by Anita (what a sweetheart) for the workers and also met Robert, Tommy and Scott Oliver who's enthusiasm is intoxicating. This Company from top to bottom is so Customer Conscious it's amazing. We had such a great time and are very glad we visited the Factory and met many great people. Thank you Anita and Karen and all for such a great time and a delicious lunch. Thank you all for an amazing confidence booster (not that we needed it) by taking us into your Home at the Oliver Factory and Showroom and making us feel welcome and also that our opinions matter. We were so excited leaving that we drove the whole length of the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive to visit every Campground to rate them for future reference. Thanks again to everyone Waiting with Great Anticipation for Dec 16 Grayson and Ann
  8. We are expecting delivery of our Elitte II the end of this year. Would appreciate tips on keeping our Oliver looking good inside and out. Same products and procedures inside and out? Interval for protection? If these are issues we will be coached on when we take delivery we can wait until then, but I'm sure you all can appreciate our excitement. We just finished a Factory Tour and are finding it difficult to contain ourselves. Thanks in advance
  9. We plan on spending some time in the Apalachicola National Forest this winter, as we did last March. We love the Panhandle and hope to share our time someday between there and Mid Coast Maine.
  10. Thank you for the reply. My concerns exactly. Perfect alignment when hooking up to trailer. Will have to consider the option of the Anderson some more. Thank you for your honest feedback. Have purchased the hitch for the front and already have the rack. Thanks again.
  11. I have another question maybe you could help with. Wondering if anyone has used a hitch on the front of your TV? To use with a bike rack and also use to hitch up the trailer for more maneuverability into tight sites? Was also thinking it might solve the problem of dropping trailer when Anderson hitch is not in perfect linement the with trailer. Could drop trailer on straight camp road, turn TV around and then hook to front hitch and push trailer into site. Sorry if I am over thinking this, this will be my first trailer. I have no experience pulling, or parking a trailer. A little nervous about the hook up and set up of Andrrson Hitch. Thanks for the help.
  12. Trumpetguy, you mentioned some tricks hitching up the Anderson and some things learned by Oliver after more set ups. Care to elaborate? I am picking up my Elitte II in Dec and have opted for the Andrrson hitch. My TV will be a 2015 Tundra with an 8' bed to carry a motorcycle ( about 400 lbs) and ramps (another 150). Would love to hear your experience with the hitch, I read about some difficulties when dropping trailer and the plate being out of alignment with trailer.
  13. We pick up our new Ollie in Dec this year and after coming back to CT for packing, loading, and Christmas with the Family we are OFF. Wondering if there are any Rallies etc. that we might attend where we would find other Oliver Owners. We are headed for the Everglades in January and then Ocala NF, Apalatchicola NF, then eventually back north along the coast or maybe the Blue Ridge Parkway. We will be flexible and would like to see other owners on our travels. So if there are events, in the southern States, during Jan, Feb, and March we will alter our travels to try and get to them. Or maybe it is best to just monitor this Forum to see where people are and visit that way. Thanks for advice.
  14. Wondering if anyone has taken the option of an extra awning that Oliver offers. Ann and I were considering it for possible cooling effect of a shaded trailer. We have a system here at the house where Ann will open the windows at night and close them in the morning. The cool night air and the house being somewhat shaded keeps the house very comfortable even in the heat of summer. Maybe the extra shade of awnings on both sides would help do the same?? Any experience with the extra awning?
  15. Thank you for your welcoming posts and invitations. We have purchased a truck. We got a Toyota Tundra with an 8' bed so we can bring our Motorcycle with us. It gas a towing package but does not have the brake controller I have seen mentioned. I purchased one one line and will install when I receive it. We also got our place in line and have a delivery date of Dec 16. We had planned to pick our new trailer up in Jan and continue down to the Everglades, but the found out that the registration that we will have is only for 30 days. So we decided to take the Dec date and travel to TN and back to CT, get it registered, pack it and then head down to FL. So it looks like we will be on the road and Camping in our new Oliver in Jan of 2016. Grayson
  16. We are Grayson and Ann Cook. We live in Northwest CT and have a Cottage in Mid Coast ME. WE have been tent camping for years and travel by Motorcycle. Tent camping is becoming anxiety producing in some areas with the abundance of bears. We knew at some point we would move up to a hard side, and I think that time has come (I retired about a year ago). We have been looking for years and always seemed to end up at the Airstream display when going to shows. We are very happy to see Oliver back in production. We were in Maine last week at our Cottage and Anita, at the factory, hooked us up with an Oliver owner up there. They treated us to a Tour. What a beautiful Trailer!! We are now sold! We are going out west this August on the Motorcycle and plan to camp in Yellowstone, Spearfish area, and then maybe travel through the SW. I think now we are going to alter our trip, and head for TN first for the Factory tour and get our spot inline for a new Elite II and then continue out to Montana from there. Still have no vehicle to pull with, not at all sure on accessories, but I'm sure we will have plenty of time to sort those things out. Maybe an order in August will gets a January delivery and we can pick it up and head for our site in Flamingo Campground in the Everglades. Our camping takes us to National Forests, some National National and State Parks. Mostly Nat Forests and site without elec. Any suggestions about Options would be appreciated. We are thinking Solar, AGM Batts at least. Thanks in advance We can't wait to be at our first campsite with another Ollie. Grayson and Ann
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