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  1. Looks very interesting John, thank you. We can't make it this year but will try to keep it in mind for a stop in AZ in May.
  2. Thanks for your post, Ann and I plan to visit BBNP this winter as well. Leave CT in January and go to Everglades first the work our way west. Probably be in BB in mid February. Thanks again.
  3. So great to hear from you guys and your adventures. RoadRUNNER is my favorite magazine and the only one that I am still subscribed to (other than IBA mag and AMA). Ann and I have been traveling all over North America by motorcycle for 25 years. Did the Trans Labrador Highway in 2005 on a 25 year old touring bike ( Ann says never again). We are now proud owners of a 2016 Oliver Elite II and take a small Dual Sport with us. Hoping to see much of Big Bend this winter by motorcycle and foot. I'm sure I have seen some of your articles in RoadRUNNER but will review past issues and remember the name in the future. Welcome to the forum I will follow your posts and John Davies as well.
  4. Thanks John, I did purchase another one but I am keeping it as a spare (after being your post) and will use it next year at winterization time. Thanks again
  5. I don't think this should be a yearly Maintenance issue but need to know if there is something I had done wrong and/or if there is something I can do to avoid it in the future. I had started the winterizing process on my 2016 Elite II and when I removed the heating element I found that it was corroded very badly. Not sure if it's the water that was last pumped into it or some other issue. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance
  6. Ann and I had a wonderful camping experience there on our way back from Yellowstone with our Grandson in June. The Park is all that you said it is, and left us very enthusiastic about returning and spending more time there. Thank you reminding us.
  7. Ann and I returned to our campsite and our Olliver on the coast of South Carolina after leaving our windows open and our fantastic fan on last Spring. It happened to be the season for ( what we call no-see-ums). Our Ollie was full of those nasty little buggers. I recently decided to install no-see-um proof screen in the Oliver. After calling the local glass shop I found out it was an easy fix and not very expensive. But in trying to remove the window screens, it seems that removal includes removal of the window surroundings that house the shades. Any help here? Maybe I'm wrong about screen removal. Appreciate any help, suggestions. Thanks Grayson
  8. I'm very excited for those that will be able to attend. Ann and I have plans for September and won't make it. We were hoping that they would have built a plan around the thread that was started here on the Forum for a Springtime event. Perhaps that could still happen. Anyway, I hope it is a great Rally! Have fun all.
  9. Yes, just haven't made it to the store yet. The stick on strips like they use on trucks are in the plan. Thank you for the comment.
  10. Anybody in for the Egg Rally on the Hudson River in Sept? It is at Schodack Island State Park. They are reserving on the Creek Side loop. 23.00 a night with elec, on September 23 to 25.
  11. I was bothered by the movement of the bike rack on my Oliver and decided to make some alterations. I changed the configuration of the rack so I could use my Thule Critierum rack with it. Just installed it and have not yet tried it out but expect it to be more stable. Stability was my concern, the other one moved around a lot and was damaging the bikes. Grayson Hull#112
  12. I was bothered by the movement of the bike rack on my Oliver and decided to make some alterations. I changed the configuration of the rack so I could use my Thule Critierum rack with it. Just installed it and have not yet tried it out but expect it to be more stable. Stability was my concern, the other one moved around a lot and was damaging the bikes. Grayson Hull#112
  13. I purchased the EZ gutter before leaving home in anticipation of getting to warmer weather and having time on my hands. Reading this thread again I am wondering if I have a awning on both sides is it still necessary/useful/advised to install the gutters? Haven't had too much rain yet just some cold weather on this our first trip. As always appreciate your advise and comments.
  14. Hi Buzzy, We are down in Flamingo Campground in Everglades National Park, enjoying our Oliver, and showing it off. Good advise to bring your appliances with you for your pick up. We did not and our Coleman stove and mini grill do not work with our quick connects. We need to somehow remove the regulators form them and find a connection that will accept a quick connect fitting, not happening in the Everglades, so we are back to the disposable bottles for now. Will stop and try to make it work after we leave, camp stores, propane suppliers etc. we shall see. Any help appreciated.
  15. We have been putting smaller items underware, socks, t-shirts etc into gallon size zip lock bags. They can even be compressed a little and sealed making then smaller. Bags can be taken out, cloths removed, and then compressed, resealed and put back in cabinet. It is working very well for us. As some of you know we traveled by motorcycle for many years and have become adept at packing light. Grayson
  16. We will be in Flamingo Campground Jan 21 through Feb 3.
  17. We are headed for FL. To Hohenwald first for a couple of minor adjustments and then to the Panhandle. We will be at Wright Lake in Apalachicola National Forest for a few days and then after a couple of stops at Flamingo Campground in Evergaldes for some kayaking. Then back up for a short visit with the Mouse and the more time at Juniper Springs in Ocala National Forest (more kayaking) and the n back to Apalachicola area for a couple of weeks. That should bring us to Mid March where we will star north up the coast, Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina and ten no specific plans. Maybe up un the Blue Ridge Parkway (depending on weather) for some motorcycling and Music. The back cabinet door you see is mirror and that is one of the minor changes we are making in Hohenwald. We want all to be black. As far as the dog goes, yes he does look quite portly, but actually eats very little. It's puzzling?? He minds well and travels with no complaints. It's very exciting to hear from those of you who are picking up in Feb. congratulations. Please post pics etc when you get yours, I can't wait to hear your excitement and your experiences.
  18. Hi All, Our Oliver is parked at our house in NW CT and we are getting ready to leave this Thursday Morning and head South, into hopefully warmer temps. When we left Hohenwald, Dec 17th, we did not winterize our unit, instead choose to keep it heated on our return to pack up for our trip south. It has been doing fine as, the temps in the NE have been kind to us. However, it looks like the temps might dip into the single digits with some wind for a day or two before we leave on Thursday. Any advice? Anyone with experience with these temps? Run Furnace instead of elec heat? I have installed a sensor in-between the hulls to monitor the temps there and it has been staying at about 15 degrees below the cabin temp with just the elec heat on. Appreciate your help. Grayson
  19. Hi All, We have been busy since the pickup of our Ollie on Dec 16th, what with the travel back to CT and the Holidays. We are now through all that and are getting ready for 4 months on the road. Pickup our Oliver on the 16th as planned and are as happy as can be, if not a little intimidated by all the functions and systems. This is our first trailer/RV of any kind and all the systems are a little overwhelming. I'm sure in time we will have it down and really it's part of the fun figuring it all out. We spent the first night at Fall Hallow and camped next to Dave and Linda Shields in hull #111 with Ruby in the lead and their beautiful Dog (who's name has escaped me). Headed home the next day after a brief visit to the Factory (for a couple of minor tweaks). Spent the first night in Marion VA at Hungry Mountain State Park. We were the only one's there, had some take out BBQ from Wolfe's, in our new home on wheels and retired for the evening. Wolfe's is highly recommended by the way. The next day we decided to head for the Barn, as they say, and got home about 8:00 p.m. The Ollie pulls like no other. We had a flawless, trouble free 700+ mile ride home. Getting ready for our trip South. Grayson and Ann
  20. Hi Dave and Linda, It was great to meet you guys in Hohenwald at the Campground. We had a seamless trip back to CT and a great Holiday with Family and friends. Hope your trip home was a good one. We are getting ready for our trip South and plan to leave on the 7th. First down to TN then FL Panhandle and then down to Everglades. So glad we met you and hope to see you again in the future. Grayson and Ann p.s. Hull # 112
  21. Dave and Toni, I bet you are ramping up the excitement now! Ann and I have opted for pretty much the same options as you ,on our Ollie. We leave this coming Sunsay morning, from CT, to pick up our Ollie on th 16th of Dec. looks like we will get some experience with cooler temps, like you will in Jan. We will be coming back to CT for Christmas and then head South on Jan 7 for 4 months. Happy travels Grayson and Ann
  22. Very nice photos and recount of your trip. If you are in Maine again, we walk to Shaw's from our Cottage above Long Cove. Look us up. We take delivery of our Olie soon, Dec 16th. Very excited!
  23. Love the pictures and the information. Please, if you don't mind, I would love to see more pictures. After December 16 we can make some of our own.
  24. What is your pickup date? We pick up our Elite II in Dec as well.
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