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  1. Ann and I are headed CO as well. We are leaving New England on the 19th of Sept, heading first to Spearfish and after a stay there to CO to dry camp on a friends property in the mtns, in Jefferson County. We will be in CO until the 2nd week in Oct, then heading south to Sand Dunes, Santa Fe, and then try to find our way slowly home to CT. Grayson and Ann
  2. Reserved E-13 today, Ann and I will see you there.
  3. I bought a set before I left home this January, but all the sites we have been on since we left have been so close to level, I haven't used them yet. If a site is out of level side to side an inch or so I just use the rear jacks to level it up. I bought the Anderson levelers, because they looked easy to use, effective, and would save the levelers from some heavy lifting. So the jury is still out. Stay tuned. Grayson
  4. Stop and visit us, we will be in New England for the month of April. Either in NW CT or Mid Coast Me
  5. Best of luck to you and your family Tommy. Thank you for help in getting to know our Oliver. Grayso and Ann
  6. Sorry for your loss Buzzy, I lost my friend Murphy last year. We were together for 11 years, it's a very difficult thing to go through. Thanks for the rainbow bridge story Steve, I can now look forward to seeing my buddy Murph again.
  7. Hey Guys, I like your Casita, are you planning on getting to the Second Annual Oliver Rally this year? If so Ann and I will see you there. Have fun out there.
  8. I saw some reviews of that bike and some performance videos on you tube. Looks like a perfect bike for easy loading, dirt and fire roads, short rides two up and as always Honda reliability. Have fun!!
  9. If you get the ramps that I have you will not have any trouble with any bike you buy. I have owned many motorcycles and wouldn't have a problem loading anything that will fit in a pick-up.
  10. I did not change the suspension on the Tundra at all. It seems to tow the Oliver and carry the bike without issue. When loaded the truck and trailer seem very level, at least visually. The ramps that I got are almost overkill. It is very comfortable to load the bike seated and can stop midway, start again, backup, you name it even when wet. They provide excellent traction and are 12' long with a camber so you avoid hitting the underside of the bike at the apex ( as was mentioned). They can be purchased in different configurations for different applications. As I said before they were pricey but at my age and considering the places we sometimes end up, they were a worthwhile investment.
  11. Bill, how do you like the CB500X? It looks like a great bike, that can do it all. Have fun out there.
  12. When considering taking the motorcycle with us one of Ann's demands, was that when loading and unloading, I didn't get stuck under the bike in a remote campsite. We are often in areas where there is no cell service and to have a mishap and be pinned under the motorcycle with no cell service, without use of the truck, etc. well you get the picture, would not be good. So our main concern was not money but rather Safety. I bought ramps that are called "Big Boy Ramps" from Discount Ramps. They store next to the motorcycle in our Toyota Tundra, but do take up a lot of room, again Safety was our first concern. I will say they do provide a very comfortable loading and unloading operation.
  13. Hey Don, We did leave the furnace on while traveling last winter. The refrigerator is always left on auto and the cabin temp set for around 65. Maybe a little overkill on the cab temp, but we weren't taking any chances with single digit temps. We too are leaving colder temps in CT in January for FL and then TX. Plan very similar to yours, pick our days to travel and rinse when we get to consistently warm temps.
  14. To answer the questions about temps. Were you using the water systems? Yes, we had returned to CT from Hohenwald after pickup on Dec 16 and spent the Holiday here. We packed the trailer and kept it heated while we prepared to head South. Our Oliver had been made ready for travel at the campground in TN during delivery. Including water system charged. What was the room temp? Because of the unusually cold temps we were experiencing, after leaving CT, we called the Factory and told them we expected to be having temps in the single digits and were very afraid of freeze up. We were assured that whatever we kept the cabin temp at, with the furnace in operation, the temps between the Hulls would be about 15 degrees below that. Did you perhaps check the temps between the hulls? Yes, we had a monitor between the Hulls in the area of the water pump under the curb side twin bed. The cabin temp was kept at 65 and the monitor between the Hulls was around 50, just as predicted by the Factory. The outside temps went to 0 degrees one night, and again,"Snug as a Bug", to quote a previous post.
  15. Hi all, Ann and I were the ones on FB that were quoted as saying "we were snug as a bug in a rug at 20 degrees". And two nights later we camped at 0 degrees with the same result. Very comfortable in our Ollie. We have been tent camping for years. Twenty- five or so backpacking and the last twenty motorcycle camping all over North America. We knew at some point we would want to have a hard side camper, and started looking at various campers at RV shows. We would always end up on the Airstream display. We decided we would rather have a trailer tow vechicle combo for several reasons. 1) As has been mentioned we didn't want to pick up our whole house when we wanted to go somewhere. 2) Wanted to bring a motorcycle with us. Another deal breaker was we wanted either twin beds or a bed we could walk around and make up with reletive ease. An Airstream would need to be their 25' to get these options. A fairly large heavy trailer and with a 500 lb motorcycle a large truck would be necessary. We followed Oliver for a while but then saw they stopped making them. When they went back into production with the Elite II, I started following them again but Ann was hooked on Airstream. It only took an afternoon visiting an Oliver Owner in Maine for her to switch to an Oliver fan. Now we have the ability to carry a motorcycle, twin beds, superior quality, four season performance, and excellent resale (if needed) for less money. Wow!! We were believers! We sent our deposit in to Anita, bought a truck and drove down for our Factory Tour. The rest is history. We picked up our Oliver in Dec 2015 and couldn't be happier.
  16. Ann and I are registered for the Rally. We had to change our travel plans a little but are looking forward to it and will be using it as a westward kick-off trip. We plan on visiting some friends that recently moved to CO., one couple to Colorado Springs and another to Littleton. It will be great to meet some of you and participate in our first Rally. Grayson and Ann
  17. Good to hear that a date has been agreed upon. Let the planning begin. Also glad to hear you are planning on being there Don Thompson, we look forward to meeting you. We do have plans for that time already in place but are going to try to move things around to get there. We are signed up for the "Spring Fling" in the White Mtns but that is not until the next weekend. Hope to see you all there.
  18. Could someone help me with the reverse "Winterizing" process? A few months ago I "Winterized" our Oliver using both methods, the compressed air method and the RV antifreeze method. I now want to get ready for our Exodus, for warmer temps, in January. I want to be sure that i don't get antifreeze in either the water heater or the fresh tank. Do I draw fresh water into the petcock at the right rear of the Ollie that I used to draw in the RV antifreeze? If so is this done before I change the valving back to normal configuration? When is the water heater filled? How will all the lines get purged of the antifreeze? Sorry for these amateur questions, these things that happen once a year ( and this being the first time) leave me questioning the process. I appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks Grayson
  19. Thanks guys, repacked the bearings today. Very nice weather up here in CT. The grease on the outer bearings was still pink. Pretty easy process, with the jack system for assistance. The brakes look like they are about 50%. I plan to carry a spare bearing set and I was wondering if the brake shoes are a shelf item at most auto parts stores.
  20. Can anyone provide me with replacement part numbers for the necessary bearings and seals for our 2016 Elite II? It has been almost a year since pick-up (Dec 16 2015) and I want to repack the bearings before I leave in January. I would like to have a spare kit (or two) to have on hand, incase I see some damage (or do some damage myself) and also to have available for possible emergency repair on the road. Great info here but would like part numbers if possible. Thanks
  21. Great feedback Gary. I have wondered how the reception would be for Oliver owners at some of the other Egg Rallies. I made an attempt to get to a Rally up on Lake MI last June, but was unable to make it. I did notice that the Bluebonnet Rally in Bandera, TX is at a time that might be convienient for Ann and I to get to this year, wee will try. We will be excited to see the 2017 Oliver Rally information start to come over the Forum, so we can set time aside and make plans. To your point of various rallies around the country, It would give us (Ann and I) an opportunity to to see places we have not seen before, by making an effort to get to these Rallies in different parts of the country. We will be in Flamingo Campground in Everglades National Park from Jan 16 through the 26th. Maybe we will see you there. Have fun out there.
  22. All the best to Tommy and his family and best of luck in whatever you do. So sorry to hear of Phil's health issues, he was most certainly there at our delivery and was in the delivery picture with Ann and I. A great guy, you are in our thoughts Phill for a speedy recovery.
  23. Ann and I love to travel and share the experience with others. We had an experience at Flamingo Campground in the Everglades National Park last January. It seemed, in many ways like a Rally. There were, over a period of time, at least 10 to 15 fiberglass trailers in close proximity to us at the campground. No Olivers, but Many Casitas, a couple of Big Foots, Scamps etc. There was no formal Rally but we had a good time talking to each other and we showed our Oliver many times in the 10 days we were there, to fiberglass Owners and many others. Although we would enjoy a Rally with planned events we would also be inclined to participate in a "Gathering?", where a location was agreed upon, far in advance, so people could plan. Probably not the ideal for a Oliver Company Rally in Hohenwald where a more formal atmosphere would be the best. I'm just brainstorming here and thinking of small informal rallies happening regionally across the country. Maybe they could be done in different regions so Owners didn't have to travel so far and those of us that were traveling around the Country could find one that we could attend while on the road. They could be as informal as someone announcing on the forum that they will be at a Campground on a specific date and invite others to be there as well. That being said, we would love to participate in an Oliver Rally, like the first one. We try to visit our friends at OTT at least once a year anyway.
  24. While preparing the Oliver for winter, drained the tanks and noticed that the fresh water tank reads 19%. Any one else get false readings?
  25. Had one of the brackets slip, after delivery, on the way home. Noticed a difference in handling about half way back to CT. Set the brackets again, when I got home, with the bottom of the brackets forward and the top and bottom bolts against the frame ( as stated previously). No problems since. Love my Anderson hitch.
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