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  1. Thanks! Can’t wait to give it a try! Dave
  2. I took delivery in 2022, so likely the newer one.
  3. Hi, does anyone have tips/suggestions to easily put the winter cover on an Ollie II? Thanks
  4. My 6 month old Ollie Elite2 has been sitting for 2 month, took it out yesterday for a short 3 mile spin. When I got home I noticed something on my wheel which was not there when I took off my tire covers.... On one of the 4 wheels, I could see a reddish/orange stain, looks like coming from the hub, and by the trails it left, I believe it started as liquid, and was centrifically being spun out onto wheels and tire. It was dry to touch, a very fine reddish/orange powder. It might be rust, but was more orange than "usual" rust. If it is rust, that doesn't seem "right" to me. Has anyone seen this before? Suggestions? IMG_0712.HEIC
  5. Bird built a nest inside the housing of the AC unit, next to the compressor. I've cleaned it out, no major damage and unit works, but I noticed the bird chipped off some of the white styrofoam insulation.... See attached photo, more styrofoam removed from far left as compared to far right. I am not sure what it is insulating? (something under the black plastic housing). First question, I estimate about 10% of the styrofoam has been removed...... worth my while to fix/replace with either a whole new piece or just try to patch the missing area? Cost/difficulty/need for 100% insulation issues? Second question, Has anyone else had this issue of birds nesting in housing, and how to prevent in future?? (For now I have a metal "bird spike" repeller loosely attached to outside of housing while parked at home, will remove when I am on the go.)IMG_0502.HEICIMG_0502.HEICIMG_0502.HEIC
  6. OK, thanks for everyones input and advice. I'll try to follow the Lithionix recommendations, As an aside, it would be nice if the Lithionics battery app could give an alert on my phone that it's time to 50% discharge and then recharge, or other battery maintenance as recommended/needed.
  7. We have lithium batteries with solar. Is there any reason I should not "unplug" from my home shore power and just let my solar and lithium run on their own when it is summer time, waiting for our next trip? We use the AC when parked. The solar charge controller and Xantrex controller seem to be designed to keep everything in proper order. Is there any reason for me to check on the status of the system from time to time? If we get a hot spell, I could see running out of power, and then I can plug in to shore power, and would also plug into shore power two days before a planned trip to get the batteries back to 100%. It's better to "exercise" the lithium batteries anyway? Am I thinking right? dave
  8. I can only address the CO/LP Detector issue. Do you have an "RV Safe" brand detector? I am in the process of replacing a defective detector, as mine recently started sounding and flashing, with no CO or Propane issue. If you have an RV Safe brand detector, if it is the same model as mine, a "FLASHING" red light indicates CO high, not Propane. Dave
  9. To close my original post: The CO detector under the dinette just went off again today...... Ollie is on shore power, no one in or near camper today. Propane off for more than 24 hours; no heater, fridge not on gas, no cars or engines nearby. Detector by TV is not going off. I put a new Kidde CO monitor in the Ollie the other day, it reads ZERO CO. I think it is Safe to say original problem was a faulty sensor. OTT has already sent out a new RV SAFE, CO and Propane detector.
  10. Thanks for the info on Fridge unit and combustion chamber seal. Sounds like everyone here and OTT is on the problem. I will monitor and look for a proposed fix/recall on this issue. Dave
  11. So, correction.... I do have a CO/Smoke detector in rear by TV. It is functioning. The unit under the front dinette is the one which was indicating high CO. It is an "RV Safe; CO and Propane" detector. As CO is lighter than air, and as rear CO detector was not going off, I think it is a safe bet that the RV Safe unit was a false alarm or defective. I guess it could have been some other gas or propane, but I think unlikely. Will monitor with my sniffer when I need to turn gas back on..... getting cold again here. Thanks everyone for your input.
  12. John, I can not figure out on website how to add a "signature" for my TV and Ollie. Dave
  13. Thanks for all your thoughts above. As far as I can see there is only one detector installed on this new OTT, it is a combined Propane/CO detector installed below the small dinette, similar or the same as the Unit John installed when his monitor expired.... The unit indicated CO was high, not propane. I did report to OTT, and they are sending me a new detector. I have also ordered a hand held propane detector sensitive to 50 ppm, probably more sensitive than my nose, and also a new "home" plug in CO/propane detector that I will plug in toward rear of trailer. I had been on shore power so I don't think the CO came from fridge, and it was not very windy the day/night it went off..... but will monitor that appliance as well. When I first got the Ollie home, I thought I smelled a whiff of propane, outside toward rear, twice, for just a second.... and then it was gone. At that time I was using the heater intermittently. Did not detect again, and wondered if it may have been a random puff from heater having been used recently. Have not noted since, but will turn the propane back on and monitor when I get my sniffer. Thanks again! Dave
  14. Hi, I have a new Ollie, hull #1081. Last night at 9pm, with no one inside the Ollie since about noon, I walk by and the CO detector is screaming, the red light is flashing, CO DETECTED! HUH? That morning I had noted the green light on the detector..... I have not used the heater in about a week. I am connected to shore power. I am way off the road, no nearby cars, trucks or even lawn mower. Have not used the AC in a couple days. Have not even used the inside stove once yet. It is new, and we haven't taken our first trip yet. I have run water thru the sink, when de-winterizing, no fog, mist or excess moisture. My indoor humidity ranges between 40 and 55. Fridge is set to Auto, and we are on shore power. Where did CO come from?? First thing I did was turn off propane tanks. Went inside.... no smell (yes I know CO is oderless), no fog or mist or any smell other than the smell of a new Ollie (fiberglass smell). Nothing running, furnace off, lights off. I pushed the silence button and waited outside. After a minute or two, it screamed again. Went inside an got my home CO unit and pluged it in and left Ollie door open. Came back a few minutes later. My home unit did not go off, and Ollie detector switched back to green. Any thoughts? False alarm? We did have a two hour thunderstorm in the afternoon, but after storm passed, I walked by Ollie at least twice and never heard the scream.... No nearby combustion going on, no nothing. Today, alarm is back to green. Dave
  15. Hi, New here too. Just picked up Hull #1081, an E2. Ran furnace a few nights when we first got home. The following afternoon I was outside near the back of the tailer and my nose detected a whiff of propane. It was there and then gone, but then I noted same thing a few days later. I sniffed around, opened the furnace area, and did not notice a thing. I do have a rear quick connect and from posts above I wonder now if that might have been the source. I have not noted any propane the last few days...... maybe I should check the levels in my bottles...... a sniffer is a good idea too. Thanks
  16. I have tried "optical" on the furion, but still no sound.
  17. Good question. I am having same difficulty. I will guess that the TV audio should be set to "OFF", but I can't figure out what Furion should be set to. Have you made any progress on this issue? Thanks,
  18. Useful info, getting ready for pick up in April, TV will be a 2020 Audi Q7 3.0T. From what I've gathered here, but please confirm, Oliver uses a 2" ball? And figuring perhaps one or two inches of sag when hitched, top of ball should be about 25 to 23 inches above ground? Sound about right? Dave
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