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  1. Great driving! We are thankful that you are both OK. Our best wishes to you both.
  2. The photo's are a great help and it is definately cold and moist in here so that might be part of the problem. We appreciate your answers! Jim and Donna
  3. Thank you for the link and also the suggestion. The fan is running and there is condensation in the air flow tube... I read on the site that compost works at 55f and up. It has been in the 40's and 50's a lot here - maybe that is part of the problem. Also we might not have had the right moisture mixture. We will look for new material and try again:). One last question if you have a moment...how do you add the information at the bottom of the page that shows hull# etc? Thank you again. Jim
  4. Good morning ๐Ÿ™‚, We are on our first journey after picking up our E2 on 3/1. It is amazing what you don't know until you just do it! Anyway - our toilet solids are quite stinky. Trailer came with coir and we have been very careful not to get liquids into solids. I think I read about a possible fuse months ago but I cannot find that thread now. We also probably need to buy peat or coir somewhere.....didn't bring any๐Ÿ˜ Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks all! Jim and Donna
  5. Thanks Mike. I also found a thread on the forum where this was discussed. I think I'll buy a new stove that is designed for the low pressure system. I looked at the option of refilling our disposable bottles but have no experience doing something like that... Take care, Jim
  6. Good evening, I'm curious what kind of outdoor stoves will work via the low pressure quick connect port? I've been trying to buy hoses to convert my Coleman stove that uses the disposable bottles but so far no luck! Might just need a different stove. I'm also trying to find the same info for the propane fire-ring. I'd rather not have to carry another propane bottle:) Thanks for your time in letting me know what works best for all of you. Jim and Donna
  7. Everything looks fantastic! Enjoy and safe travels. We look forward to joining the adventure in mid-January!
  8. Yesterday while researching a new generator for our January delivery I read that some were having trouble finding generators in stock. This is just a note to state I found them in stock at Generators Direct and will ship in 4 days. Happy Holidays.
  9. Thanks for forwarding this "thread" to me Ralph!

  10. Good morning:), We oick up our new Ollie on 01/13/22 and I would like to have the generator ready to go in advance. I'm hoping to possibly take advantage of a Cyber Monday sale. We purchased the Elite II with the "Pro" solar system (390AH and 3000W inverter). Honestly I don't yet even know what that means - so I'm asking the experts:) that do this all the time. Which generator should I purchase to be able to properly care for the batteries. We hope to do cold weather camping and will no doubt have many cloudy days. Thanks so much for your input. Also - if you think we made a mistake not getting the larger battery system I might be able to change it. It was just very expensive as you all know. Best to you all! Jim
  11. We pick up our new Oliver II on January 13th and have a 2018 Ford Expedition Max 4x4. Hoping that will be ok to pull with. It does have the trailer package. I'm curious about the mud flaps that attach to the hitch. Are those included with the Anderson or can I purchase them somewhere else? Thanks for your input and photo's!
  12. Thank you all for this information. We pick up our new Oliver Legacy II on January 04, 2022. We purchased the Lithium Pro package with 390 AH. I am absolutely the new guy that has no idea about power consumption, charging, solar, care and maintenance of batteries etc. Seems a bit overwhelming right now. I'll continue to read/digest info in the forum. Suggestions on where I sould be starting? My pull vehicle is 2018 Expedition 4x4 Max. I'm hoping that is reasonable. Jim
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