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  1. Enter the sniffer, a recent Amazon purchase routinely put to good use to eliminate any fear of a minor leak! If ever a tank is opened for use, a quick check is performed. Furthermore, I keep the MB Sturgis protective plugs and caps on all of my fittings and hose ends, even on hoses that are rolled and stowed with mating ends connected. Oftentimes when deployed they are laid out on the ground and the protectors ensure a clean/debris-free connection.
  2. I purchased a Dometic LPGC10 model in 2020 and it is fairly accurate to date. It can be a bit finicky at times, mostly due to the device not being held perpendicular to the tank, as required. That may seem like a simple task, but when reaching in and looking downward, there is a degree of difficulty involved. A green light indicates gas, but sometimes defining the tank level is difficult in that the indicator light will toggle red/green; however further adjustment(s) will ultimately determine the tank level. In a brief look at the current Amazon ratings between the two devices, the Truma may prove better; perhaps a user of that device will chime in. I like having such a device, and if/when my Dometic fails, I will research the Truma.
  3. I passed on the propane QC (Quick-Disconnect) port option to save money, knowing that Oliver runs a terminated line to the rear. I now have fore and aft QC ports on my 2020 OLEll. Here’s what I did: The terminus line cap was simply removed and an MB Sturgis Quick-Disconnect valve fitting installed. This port is primarily used to fuel my Blackstone griddle, which is generally set up at or near the rear of the trailer, or to the curbside if there is a picnic table of close proximity. For the forward QC port, a ‘T’ fitting was installed in the existing line connection. A short hose was then installed leading to within reach through the propane housing screw port where another MB Sturgis valve was positioned. I did not want the QC port located low and exposed in like manner to the way Oliver installs them. This is the QC valve fitting with a 10’ hose connected. The 10’ hose is staged on top of the propane tank just inside the screw port opening. For use the screw port is first opened, the valve is opened and hose deployed. This port is primarily used to fuel a dual-fuel generator staged on the trailer tongue or TV tailgate, or with an added length of hose for a fire pit. QC propane ports in action!
  4. My Xantrex 2000W inverter/charger remote display, Setting #20, Battery Type, did have an LFP selection. This is where I’m confused, is there a corresponding Setting # on the Xantrex remote to adjust the absorption voltage? I only see adjustments to voltage values in Settings #02 and #04. Could be that mine is not to BT model where ‘custom’ battery options can be made. I’m going to have to look into this, I may be contacting you. Thanks
  5. I too have a 2020 LEll (579) with the 2000W inverter/charger and remote display panel, and have changed to LFPs. Can you share the Xantrex settings you found best applicable for your setup, or at least settings that will differ from the chart rich.dev provided above specific to the Xantrex 3000W model? Thanks
  6. GJ, when I read the OP’s statement that the battery tray would have to be removed to accommodate his new battery, my thought was the same as your original comment. I’m sorry you took it personal and my response compelled you to make a change, that was not my intent. I was actually referring to the differential cost of available batteries in today’s market in an attempt to convey that the choice of battery is a personal preference, and cost is oftentimes an irrelevant factor in achieving one’s goals. Your very rational assessment regarding battery securement based on personal experience and professional engineering background is spot on, as was your closing statement, and much appreciated. However, you lost me at “high amplitude multiple directional accelerations”! ps: edited my response, as well, thanks!
  7. To add to Patriot’s line of questioning, how difficult is it to access the spare tire?
  8. I purchased two LiTime 230Ah batteries last summer, and added a transfer switch to enable use of the A/C on lithium when underway or at the storage facility; no more breaking out the genny for these brief stays! My former battery bank consisted of four 6V Trojan T105s, definitely an upgrade with a significant increase in useable power and huge reduction in weight! The Epoch 460Ah featured in Will’s video is very impressive being ‘all inclusive’, but at a cost double (based on current sale pricing) that of my LiTime purchase. That said, the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ probably rings true. Having all of the ‘bells and whistles’ in a single package may be appealing and in fact necessary for some, but not for me. I also installed a Victron SmartShunt for battery monitoring via the VictronConnect app, along with applicable fuses and bus bar; having individual components is appealing to me. I especially like that the LiTimes are a good fit in the battery tray, a convenience not worth sacrificing! I would suggest adding a platform for proper weight distribution if one decides to remove the tray; the fiberglass battery compartment bottom alone may not be supportive enough.
  9. There is a hand pump (black cap nearest doorway), it twists to ‘lock’ and ‘unlock’ a pump mechanism. Generally takes 10-12 strokes when using the shower handle.
  10. Thanks everyone for all of the enlightening information you shared regarding the Autoformers, much appreciated!
  11. I fill the LifeSaver Jerrycan and the Oliver’s freshwater tank with ‘home’ water prior to a trip departure; LSJ for consumption, freshwater tank for everything else. When the LSJ runs low it is refilled from the freshwater tank. This current system replaced having to bring a 3-gallon spout container of filtered water for initial countertop use, and the Travel Berkey for refilling, which is time consuming and cumbersome! In doing so, the footprint/stowage of the water management system is greatly reduced with an increase in onboard water supply. I too do not like change, unless for the betterment, all part of my Oliver Evolution!
  12. Yes, that is where staged when full whether in storage, traveling or camping; does not hamper ingress or egress, and hugs the wall under a waste bin. I have the optional shower accessory connected for convenience in filling water bottles, measured water for coffee, ice trays while sitting on the counter below the microwave, and even a quick outside rinse, as necessary. The shower handle holder is a similar adhesive product. I suggest using the blue painter’s tape to mark exactly where to adhere for proper positioning and levelness; it will save you some frustration!
  13. An alternative, especially for inside use, would be this self-adhesive hook cleat. The adhesive pad is clear and very strong; placed one on each side of my LifeSaver Jerrycan.
  14. I posted my Hughes Autoformer install yesterday in Ollie Modifications, it may be of interest if you.
  15. Exactly, number one reason many mount them inside an RV plus they’re heavy to cart around! I sized up a potential spot for mounting prior to purchase, but for best fitment had to deviate a few inches and in orientation. My original thought was to mount it directly over and a couple inches above the grounding bus bar (yellow wire grouping), but ended up simply repositioning the individual wire runs to the right (in pic) and turning the Autoformer 90°. I plan to install a couple pieces of aluminum angle for horizontal and vertical support, and mounting of the securement bracket. I will detail that process with a pending update to my post.
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