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  1. It’s good datas, thank you. It’s a Florida’s 4 seasons trailer! There is no rig that will stand cold weather for a long time because there are too many infiltration weak points: water inlet, back of the fridge, back of the water heater, door, windows, maxxair, roof vent , weak insulation factor (R…) etc……but Oliver is way better then other type of construction with a double haul and no slides out……it’s designed in case of a nights or two below freezing but not that much. 4 seasons in Eastern Canada need R60……!
  2. On my previous fifth wheel, we went in Indiana at MoRyde to get and independant suspension and disk break installed on the rig. Honestly, disk brake didn’t make a great difference because it is powerred electrictly and the reaction is always to much brake or not enough brake. Its hard to get the right ajustements. And the hydraulic pump and reservoir take a bit of space in compartment. In cold weather, sub zero, braking is harder because of the oil viscosity type. For a small rig like Oliver, i won’t get it for the price and the small difference on braking for a light weigh rig…….
  3. You can buy marine white gel coat on Amazon and repair it. Easy to do but the color will probably not be the same white…..
  4. And many bottles of wine!
  5. I have a fiberglass cap and about 800 pounds of gear in the bed truck and a tong weight of 500 pounds and the back of the truck goes downfor 1,25 inc and the trailer sit level with a 4 inches ball mount drop….
  6. Its 23,5 inches ground to the top of ball mount for 1/2 ton truck and 22,5 inch for 3/ 4 and 1 ton truck……
  7. Thanks, i did it yesterday with this diagram and everything is working good!
  8. I have a RAM 3500 2022 SRW and my hitch drop is 4 inches and i also use the collard for the Bulldog coupler.
  9. I found my answer, 12 v batteries breaker under the bed street side…..a good night sleep and the answers is there….
  10. Hi, I would like to know where the 12 volts power source is coming from to power the Norcold fridge. When i take the voltage, outside from the back of the fridge on the main 12 volts source wires ( red and yellow ) i read 12 volts with my voltmeter even if the ac power cord is not connected, the 110v main breaker is open (off), the 110 ac connection on the back of the fridge is disconnected, the 12 v, 20 amp fuse for the fridge is pull out and the switch for the solar is at off position????? i just received my ARP fridge Defend so before starting the installation, i was looking to shut down the 12 volts power for the fridge….. Thanks for yours advices.
  11. Hi, I’m installing the ARP fridge Defend and i need help for the wiring. i’m not connected to short power, i opened (off) the 110 v main breaker and also the fridge breaker and get the 12 v 20 amp fridge fuse out and the switch for the solar charging is opened to (off). When i took the voltage from 12 v source at the fridge control ( outside ) i’m still having 12 volts on my volt meter? Where does the 12 v sources from the black and yellow wires coming from? All my connections are like the electric diagram that i joint in below but when i connected the green wire (ground) from the controler, there is a sound coming from the ARP control? I installed a 5 amp fuse to the red wire and also a 3 amp fuse for the fans wires…… is it possible to get a closer picture of the connections from NCEagle? thanks a lot!
  12. Here in Eastern Canada, RAM dealer has many 1/2 ton truck in inventory with 5000$ incentive on them. But if you want a HD truck, you will pay the MSRP. I bought my RAM 3500 Laramie in last June at the MSRP price…..with the exchange rate, you could have a great deal here……
  13. No, minerals spirits doesn’t heurt gel coat, clear coat, paint and fiberglass. Its the only product that doesn’t heurt them. I used them on my previous motorhome and fifth wheel. If your calking is clean, you can apply new one on it….there is a really good youtube channel with a professionnal technician who give really good tricks « AZ Expert ».
  14. Plastic scaper and clean with minerals spirits, swap and dry and apply new calking….
  15. Hi, i want to thank everyone for yours good advices. I really appreciate it. MERCI A VOUS TOUS!
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