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  1. Just bought our TV for our new Ollie with an early Feb 2023 delivery date. Ram 2500 Hemi Laramie 4x4 with the same 6'-4" bed and paid under MSRP in the Phoenix Area. The Cummins is more expensive but also avail at or below MSRP. Don't let them stick it to you, there are decent dealers out there.
  2. This is SUPER helpful and very encouraging as someone taking delivery in FEB and hoping the Victron charger, and slightly better panels will do even better. Still will go with either a Honda or Champion 1800 Watt generator as a backup but hope we can minimize its use. I will be curious to see how it does running at night during sleeping hours for us. The lack of sun gain into this equation should help but of course no sun either during that time period. Sleeping is where we expect to really need AC when its super hot and humid. Thanks for running the test and sending out the info!
  3. Second the vote on hearing what you did to protect your Ollie as we are buying ours in FEB and very much expect to do a similar trip!
  4. This is a fantastic mod. Both your work and your documentation for us all is super! Thank You!
  5. As someone coming up on his 90-day limit to finalize my 2023 build, you can change anything on the build up till 90 days from the start of the build on your paperwork prepared in your initial order and deposit. At that same time you need to have the 2nd payment to them which is 50% of the remaining balance based on the pricing of that finalized build sheet.
  6. The AC is a Truma Aventa on my build sheet, but digging through their websites you can find the Aventa both with and without a heat pump function. Looking in more detail, it appears the EU version is a heat pump but the US version (120V) does not show any heating function -- I stand corrected.
  7. Our 2023 order has the Truma WH and AC. The model of the Truma AC is a heat pump so you can get some heat out of that and the unit still has a propane forced air heater. No idea on the brand of that, but its not combined with the Truma Water heater.
  8. Thanks for the welcome to the forum! I talked to the Manager Tuesday the 28th. She told me there were several sites still left except in the Horseshoe Loop but I didn't ask about an exact number. Mike Hermann
  9. Mike and Marianne Hermann Site 13 Scottsdale AZ LE2 - Number not assigned, pick up FEB 2023 Thanks for the idea and finding this location!
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