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  1. Trekhard, excited for you to get your oliver and can't wait to see your beautiful wrap, please post when it's done (or apologies if I've missed a post, please send a link). Congrats on joining the oliver family🤗
  2. Final resolution: replace the jack motor I spoke to Jason at Oliver. Reviewed my troubleshooting steps as outlined in my original post. He felt there was a problem with the jack. He provided me with the name / number of a representative at the jack manufacturer, Barker Manufacturing. Contact as of March 2020 is Bob Asher Phone: 888-367-6978 x 2611 email boba@barkermfg.com. With Bob, once again reviewed my prior steps. He felt it was the jack motor. He sold me one at their cost (about $75) and shipped it out. I replaced the motor and that fixed the problem. Replacing the motor wasn't too difficult. As I'm sure you all know, it's under the bed. Need to loosen three set screws, cut the wires, take out the top-of-the-jack assembly. Take it apart to get the motor out, then reassemble. Re attach the wires, and tighten set screws.
  3. As mentioned in my original post, in my case, it's not the fuses. I switched them out and the jack that was working, kept working (with the potential problem fuse), and the jack that wasn't working was still not working (with the known good fuse). I finally had a chance to follow the advice of FrankC and topgun2, and using the lug wrench, the jack easily moved. It wasn't stuck at all. Next step.... calling Jason in service to see what he says.
  4. Thank you all for the responses! Mike and Carol... that was my #4 step (changed over the switches to make sure it wasn't a switch) Mattnan ... that was my #3 step (switched the fuses between the two jacks to make sure it wasn't the fuse) Frank C and Topgun ... I will give that a try and see what happens.
  5. The rear jack on my 2016 Elite II (hull 120) has stopped working. It is on the side near the water pump / water heater. When I depress the switch in either direction, no movement occurs, and no sound at all is made. It seems like the electricity just isn't getting to the jack at all. (I did turn off/on the main electric switch as I was going through my steps below for safety/testing) Trouble shooting so far: 1. plugged into running vehicle to make sure it had enough juice 2. tested other rear jack - it's working; 3. switched out the inline fuse between the two jacks; didn't change anything 4. switched out the wiring to the switches used to move the jacks (inside the propane tank storage area); didn't change anything 5. visually inspected the jack and wiring - it all looks fine Does anyone have any other suggestions on how I might get the jack working again? I've probably only used the camper 20 times since we picked it up, so I kind of doubt the jack is just broken... it just hasn't been used that much. Thanks for any suggestions! Ken and Tina Short
  6. hi bill! we actually ordered a custom cover for our elite II from calmarkcovers.com here is a screen shot of our measurements. it's a nice cover, seems like a durable material, easy to put on and very secure. we've had it for 4 months now and it's holding up well in the hot florida sun. the fit is not perfect but it serves its purpose.
  7. you guys are so awesome:)! i got the courage to look back at the facebook page and there are 10x as many positive comments as that one sad one:) when we see the trailer again (it's in storage) i'll snap some pics of wrap up close...seams, edges, etc...
  8. sorry for the dual posting, my computer froze up while submitting:)
  9. a bit of commentary, no need to respond, but this explanation is a bit therapeutic for me:) one of the unfortunate side effects of social media is the open vulnerability of posts/pictures to conflicting opinions. i was and still AM so excited to have had this wrap designed and installed for us. the wrap is a purely personal and custom work of love for myself and my family. i don't normally post to facebook and our account is actually a requirement in order to have a facebook business page (for our ice cream store). the posted album was an easy way to share the wrap with friends, who excitedly shared with their friends (including the oliver travel trailers' own facebook page)...but alas, one comment made me cry a bit inside, like a punch to the stomach: "oh! how sad (with an accompanying crying frowny emoticon)". i think the person thought i permanently disfigured my oliver??? well the answer to that thought (if it was thought?)is no... for anyone interested, the vinyl graphic idea originated with me seeing pictures of the 2 custom ollies painted black and red early on in production. i asked anita and the sales staff about options for color and they mentioned it was too costly an option to offer so instead i asked to leave the stripes off of the trailer and leave a blank slate. i did some research on after market options for color on the trailer, initially focusing on painting of fiberglass. very soon i found the option of vinyl wraps being a much more viable and reasonable solution. my first thought began with a simple different exterior color but as i continued with the research i discovered the infinite possibilities of a wrap, not just on the exterior walls but over the windows as well! fyi, the wrap is completely removable, partially or in entirety. the design we chose is completely personal and we love it, but i just wanted other oliver owners out there to know that other colors on your own oliver are possible:) this forum has been and continues to be a great venue for sharing and introducing ideas for completely novel and personal modifications and i thank everyone here for that! also side note: i'm researching the option of wrapping the interior window shades a bright white as an alternative to the spray paint. will let you guys know what i find out. thanks so much for letting me get this off my chest - yes ignoring other people's comments is an easy thing to say, but not so easy (for me personally) to do:) love you guys! tina
  10. thank you so much bill and randy! would love to see you guys or any fellow oliver owners at the ice cream store. (was not intentionally trying to advertise the store, btw...) please feel free to mention you know me and ken and we'll make sure you get the "tina discount":)! hope to meet you sooner rather than later:)
  11. thanks so much buzzy! hope to meet you soon as well - you are rapidly becoming our forum celebrity with all of your very helpful videos! we'll have to get a pic and autograph from you once we finally meet:) seriously, your videos and very detailed descriptions and thoughts about oliver are so very much appreciated. thanks to you for all of your contributions to these forums! tina and ken
  12. attached is a link to the pictures explaining our new trailer wrap:) http://imgur.com/gallery/d1fO2 [attachment file=doorside.jpg] hope to see you guys in the future:) tina and ken
  13. ADDENDUM: SEE POST BELOW TO EXPLAIN HOW THE IDEA OF THIS WRAP CAME ABOUT... attached is a link to the pictures explaining our new trailer wrap:) http://imgur.com/gallery/d1fO2 hope to see you guys in the future:) tina and ken
  14. cool! could you take a picture of what it looks like? just curious:)
  15. that's awesome information and thank you so much for the pictures to go with the description! tina and ken!
  16. thank you so much everyone for your insight on this info! that's very useful information that we hope to try out next visit to the trailer off site. we will "try" to lift up the thingy a bit harder and will research a bit on safes as well while we're at it! you guys rock! thanks again, tina
  17. bill you rock! thank you so much for those pics!!
  18. just curious as to why you didn't want them to mention it? i wonder why the wood top would not have the same storage feature? maybe not as easy to secure with velcro? ken seems to think that hidden storage area is where it is. any wood top owners who have the storage feature by any chance?
  19. we did not upgrade to the fiber granite so instead have a wood top equivalent in the picture above (from the trailer life article). our last trip to the trailer (stowed offsite) our wood top did not lift up to reveal hidden storage. just curious: for all the fiber granite option trailers do you have that hidden storage feature on your trailer? thanks so much in advance, tina
  20. the things i'm constantly learning from reading this forum! i did not know this but apparently the standard faucet has a stream/spray function. in the infamous Wincrasher video tour, at about 1:05:50 - 1:06:00 you can see how to switch the faucet from stream to spray. golly gee whilikers that sure is handy to know! (but i'm still going to try the showerhead idea;)
  21. When we bought our OTT back in Feb this year, replacing the shower head was on my list of "modifications to figure out someday" because i personally would prefer a shower head for showers. Ken is indifferent, he's fine with the faucet as is. Thinking that hose connections are pretty standard i ordered the following: 1. 2 way diverter valve http://www.amazon.com/Diverter-Universal-Component-Replacement-Showerhead/dp/B00QORO9F0?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s01 2. Camco shower head (based on amazon reviews but i'd love to see the oxygenics showerhead you guys speak of...) http://www.amazon.com/Camco-43713-Shower-Switch-Flexible/dp/B000NOUQSY?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s02 My thinking was that i could have both the faucet and shower head attached with just a switch of the diverter valve to use whichever head was needed at the time. Well it's now June (!) but Ken and i both work full time and the OTT is stored offsite so even though i have the parts, we haven't really had a chance to try and install the system. Our last trip i took the showerhead out of the package and Ken was quick to dismiss the connections not working but i'm still determined to make it work next time we are in the trailer! I'll be watching this thread closely to see what sort of solutions you guys come up with, fingers crossed i'll be able to use your tips and info to make this modification work!
  22. hi ridgwayk, i did notice on our last trip that the window (privacy) shade material is "paper"? not sure exactly what material but something easily crushed if hit the wrong way. when i brought them up quickly to "open" the window view, i found unless the creases were perfect it closed funny. i had to shut the blinds, carefully re-fold the creases before i could re-open them again properly. it happened again to the window shade on the other side of the trailer, later in the trip. a little frustrating - i wish that the privacy blinds were made of something more durable. i might research the windows to see if there is a replacement material. we have the standard option and even though we weren't sleeping right up against the windows, just simple use of our bed area seemed enough to accidentally "crush" the blinds and make them difficult to re-fold properly. i hope that makes sense. does anyone else have this problem with the "paper" privacy shades?
  23. tommy has been great for us to work with on a separate issue regarding our battery disconnect (another story for another thread). suffice to say we got great customer service to resolve a minor issue and even got a fix locally (warranty work billed directly from vendor to OTT) after walking ken through some initial troubleshooting steps. part of me hopes that we just overlooked our HDMI cable by not looking in the correct place because that would mean another layer to our AV cable problem discussed in the other thread http://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/video-how-to-get-sound-from-tv-through-stereo-speakers/page/2/#post-34562. basically the cables were installed incorrectly and a missing HDMI cable would be a bummer for sure! we'll do another check next time we're in our trailer, fingers crossed that it was just an oversight:)
  24. dave, i'm so glad you started this thread because it's really helped me (tina) personally to understand the configuration of the entertainment system. after reading you reply above (about not having a satellite tv), talking to ken tonight (about our lack of video from the USB in the FURRION) and hearing that there is a HDMI port on the back of the FURRION, my second attempted guess at what the your current HDMI cable (from the JENSEN to the FURRION) is doing is providing the video output for the FURRION DVD player/USB function??? this may be why we aren't getting video from a USB stick? or not. we store our OTT off premises so there's no real way to jump into our OTT tonight to check this hypothesis out but next time we're there we'll test video from the FURRION DVD/USB option again by double checking again to see if HDMI is even connected in our trailer!! FYI, we did get the TV antenna option installed during our delivery and we get pretty great reception each time we've camped. most of our time camping is currently for short weekend trips but for our next long venture out, we'll probably try the roku stick for the trailer - we have one at home and absolutely love it! thanks so much for your posts and comments, we're climbing that steep curve with you and glad to have company along the way:)
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