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  1. Sounds like a great approach but I think you are being conservative on the 18% figure, if you don't turn on the inverter (very inefficient) and just use battery, you will save much more. The inverter uses about 1.5 to 2x what you would calculate for the normal ac load so there is a significant savings there. BL
  2. Our spot on Sigsbee Island (Naval Air Station Key West). Not a bad place to hang out for a few months. BL
  3. It certainly was but we like the door open and the fan on low. Not infrared but a post-processing filter. Good eye! Brian
  4. @MAX Burner thank you. We are confirmed for Dry Tortugas 11/30! My wife’s first time in the keys. Our first two nights are boondocking at a Church (HH) in Islamorada - have to take her to Robbie’s. We have a waterfront sight on Sigsbee Island (Navy) for the month of Dec. Should be a good time. BL
  5. We are making our way down to Key West. We will be staying at the Navy Base there for the month of December. On our way down, we stopped at a nice campground in the Chattanooga area and in the crisp autumn evening, I caught these pics. Cheers, Brian
  6. Mike - I should have said slipping instead of stretching but the two terms were used when I was dealing with service. If it wasn't for the three trips to OTT and me trying to adjust it several times I probably would have just had the valve changed. It was getting really old every time I went to get the hose out of the bumper and it was full of sewage and when the fluids drain from your black tank, it leaves a mess that can be difficult to keep clean. BL
  7. @Patriot You are fortunate, perhaps they used better cables when yours was built? It wouldn't surprise me with all the cost-cutting measures we have seen lately, speaking generally and not towards OTT. I probably would have been ok just getting the standard valve replaced under warranty but decided to go the powered route just to ensure I get the function I want at the valve itself. Hopefully, yours will last a very long time. Cheers, Brian
  8. Rich, I do not - actually, when I had this done it was because I had a leaky black tank valve since I picked up my trailer. No matter what they did to adjust the cable, it wouldn't work. I asked the service department (Jason) if he would be willing to put an electric valve in when they were changing it out. He said they were actually looking into it and they would. Turned out, there was something stuck (plastic) in the valve gate when they took it out. Looked like a manufacturer's defect. I love the electric valve and asked about the gray tank as well. There is actually not enough room where the gray valve is to install the electric version and it is right on the other side of the handle so, there is not much chance of it stretching. So, I have one of each. Only trailer in the fleet configured like this. It has never leaked since. Cheers, Brian
  9. Does anyone know if they will be offering an electric black tank valve option for 2024? Mine works great and I will never have to worry about cable stretch again. Brian
  10. We were camping at Redstone Arsenal Army base and I was sitting outside under the awning listening to music. A guy walked by with his dogs, stopped and said "Well...what the hell is it??" I said it's an Oliver, he said, "I saw that but what the hell is an Oliver?" I told him about it and he said he thought it might be one of the new Airstreams. BL
  11. You can also get TST sensors to be mounted INSIDE the wheel and, like @Mike and Carol mentioned, the separate display does not depend on your phone to be on and the app to be opened. Safe travels! BL
  12. It's also why I almost immediately got rid of the gray/yellow hose that came with the Ollie and went back to my normal Rhino Extreme hose. I have never had an issue with Rhino's but I have known several people that have had the gray ones fail. BL
  13. Ours sold a year ago in Aug and I was very sad to see it go! I have missed certain aspects of it ever since but we are happy with our '23 LEII. Brian
  14. In the spirit of the debate tonight. Well Sir, you got one thing right, the Jack works! But when it comes to Navy, you should cheer…they need it. The Air Force is taking the Commander’s trophy this year. Cheers Brother! Aim High!
  15. John/Wendy - so happy to hear you are both ok brother! Seems like little damage as well. I see everyone is assisting with their TPMS solutions and I would like to share something a little different that we have used many times on the road to help others. Thankfully, we have not had to use it on our own trailer(s). Anderson levelers makes a "Rapid Jack" and you essentially just roll up on it with your good tire and change your bad tire. Saves all the blocks and jacks that most of us are familiar with. Not trying to "sell" you anything, just for your awareness and anyone who looks at this. Here is a link to their video. Andersen Hitches Rapid Jack Cheers and "Go AIR FORCE"!! Brian
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