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  1. I use the one like Frank C has near the top of this thread. When traveling we usually allow plenty of time and dont mind taking the wrong turn somewhere. After all we are exploring this great country so many times it isnt really a wrong turn so much as going a different way...lol
  2. Hull 1182 will be in site E21 !! Looking forward to finally meeting many of you. Shawna and I wish all you the happiest of holidays and safe travels. Scott
  3. Alittle update for those travel thru Ohio or need to in the near future. State wide average for Diesel this morning was $5,29 per gal.
  4. I saw Diesel at $5.85 gal at local station last night. Regular gas (87) was $3.13 gal
  5. I agree with SeaDawg on the visit. I had Oliver set up a visit with a wonderful couple actually about two and half years before we put our deposit down. It confirmed to us that this was the right travel trailer for us. We waited to get the order in and that was the only thing I wish I had back, could of been enjoying it longer. This pic is from our pickup week in July, enjoying lunch inside since the heat index was over 100 in northern Mississippi in late July.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone !!! Safe travels and we hope to meet many at the rally this year.
  7. We have so many on our list. We basically want to travel the country but a couple on top are Alaska, the Northeast, and New Mexico/Southern Colorado.
  8. Congratulations and Safe Travels !! Lots of information in the manuals, videos, service dept, and of course all the good folks on here. Enjoy and post lots of pics.
  9. Prayers to Steph and you !!! We hope its nothing but continuing good news. It took me a while to realize that if we want to do the things we have talked about and see the things we want then we have to stop talking/planning and just go do it. Great movie but so true: "get busy living or get busy dying" - Andy Dufresne Shawshank Redemption"
  10. I have watched several of the videos in this series. I believe episode 2 goes into the truck that they used in this series in their trip to Alaska and Artic Ocean. Several places I would like to go and many with the Ollie. https://www.mortonsonthemove.com/go-north/
  11. Congratulations and Welcome to the Oliver Family from Hull #1182!! We live in SE Ohio between Athens and Marietta.
  12. We have 60 acres and lots of room for anyone that wants to come get out of dodge. The only issue is we live in Ohio but any and all are welcome.
  13. Welcome and let the fun begin. We recently picked up Hull #1182 in late July, ordered in October of 2021. That time in between was spent reading this forum, new posts as well as posts many years ago. There is so much information here and the people have been wonderful, I have learned so much. The Ollie was our first travel trailer (first anything except tent and cold ground) and we couldnt be happier. I will vouch for the Service Department and all the help they gave me on our week long trip to southern Tennessee and Northern Mississippi. I had newbie questions and they took the time to help answer questions along with taking care of a couple minor issues. I also highly recommend the Oliver University and the video sections on the website. Just tons of info. Others may have mentioned it but I also recommend videoing the delivery day walk thru. There is so much information given to you, our lasted 3 hours, by the time we settled in I couldnt remember anything and spent alittle time relaxing and looking over the videos again. The rally was over by the time of our pickup but we have a site reserved for 2023!! Safe travels and dont be afraid to ask questions on here.
  14. I too hope you get to revisit all the places you have been. Safe Travels and enjoy!!
  15. Welcome and congratulations !! Enjoy retirement and safe travels !!
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