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  1. Checking In..from Sarasota
  2. What is the typical temperature of the tire trailer tires above ambient on Asphalt or Concrete pavement? I have noticed the temperatures higher on the sunny side of the trailer as would be expected. The tire size and pressure matrix I have seen has never stated a temperature maximum.. George
  3. Yes, especially as you approach and view the Pitons and Rodney Bay. The Rain forest and the l Toraille waterfall is a beautiful sight. What make and design is your Sailboat. Shortly after My 75th birthday, I had balance issues and could no longer sail. When I engage in a chit chat about sailing, I miss it very much. Bicycling and Ollie have done a great job of diverting my attention. Surly, we are going to be reprimanded for venturing OFF Topic.
  4. I delivered an 85 foot sail boat from St Lucia to Newport, RI. The MultiPlus and the batteries were becoming rather hot, 90 degrees F. Blue Hull with full sun. I stopped in Martinique and procured a three inch flexible hose. I ren it from the bilge to the Multiplus compartment which also housed the Battle Borne batteries. I removed a muffin fan from an unimportant function and drew air from the bilge to cool the batteries etc. This worked like a charm. After clearing Bermuda the jury rigged cooling system was no longer needed. george
  5. Katanpilot, I do not possess the skill set nor the mindset to install the equipment properly.. If one has the skill and good mindset the cost to install is greatly reduced. The greatest cost of the project was installation cost. Take a look at the Victron Forum and there are many who will provide great ideas to a successful installation. I have also seen used gear for sale a few years young.. One who want to upgrade from a 12v to a 24v system etc. I believe strongly the Victron solution is the right solution. Does the Katanpilot refer the the DA20? I have had the delightful joy of left seat in that ship. Diamond makes some great airplanes.. Very Respectfully, George
  6. @SeaDawg, I still have the Navion 24V. I chose the Multiplus over the Multiplus II. The Multiplus was a couple of hundred dollars less money. The Multiplus II is capable of handling Grid applications or functions. I saw no merit to the Grid capabilities. Victron sells either the MultiPlus or the MultiPlusII in various VA. The Victron solution has worked flawlessly for several years. I also employed the Victron and Battleborn system in my sailboat. Albeit, the sailbot was for racing and has a spartan interior, ie no Hot water, HVAC or Solar. I was concerned with powering running lights, autopilot and instruments. The battleborn afforded all the power I ever required as long as I monitored the battery temperature and kept it about 80 degrees F or less. I delivered sailboats to the Caribbean, Fllorida and two trips to England after I retired in 2000. The vast majority had a Victron system. As John Davies pointed out proper installation, temperatures and SOC, the Victron System is almost Bullet Proof. Respectfully, George Bergh
  7. John in terms of "The wheel mount on the truck bed", I have the removable bed liner. I put a 3/4 inch of treated exterior plywood on the truck bed and inseted blind nuts. I replaced the removable bed mat and inserted eye bolts into the exterior plywood through the bed mat. This allows me to secure her recumbent trike. George Bergh
  8. Saris and others make a Bike Fork Mount for truck beds. I have seen several trucks with the front wheel over the tail gate that is protected with padding over the gate.
  9. I have the Victron Muliplus installed in the Navion 24V and associated equipment with three 100 Ah Battle Born batteries. The system has functioned flawlessly. It was professionally installed. v
  10. I am of the mindset that a Critique of the Oliver Trailer is very important in discerning the Failure Mode and effect analysis. John Davies comments provide a wealth of information. The positive and negative information John has contributed to the Oliver community is priceless. As a member of Management at Ford Motor, Critique is a very important tool. Least we forget the PINTO! Very Respectfully, George Bergh
  11. I have found in the study of various Ground Planes on propagation, that the Turbo encabulator is an excellent device to employ. However ScubaRx's sugestions clearly have merit. 73's de W8CB George
  12. Max in your travels, have you used the RepeaterBook application.  I have found it to be very beneficial along a route to locate a repeater.  The application can be found on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

    I have found  RepeaterBook  to be more effective than the ARRL's Repeater Directory.

    73 W8CB    George

  13. I am installing my 2 meter rig in a newly acquired Ford F-150 towing MOUSE. Do most monitor 146.52 while traveling? 73's W8CB George
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