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    The Western High Desert

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    2019 Black Series HQ19

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Liye and I live in Northern Nevada. Now retired! Gave up a 42' Ketch and built a home in the high desert next to the Pine Nut Mountains. We used to have an Oliver LE2 Hull 92, but sold it in favor of a more serious off-road design. Our Oliver was a wonderful thing for us and opened the door to some fine adventures and lots of new friends. We have been hanging around the incredible Eastern Sierra Nevada, and two Oliver Rallies with the associated excellent trips across the country. We now have a Black Series HQ19 named Oliver Hardy, or "Hardy" for short. Lots of fun and very tough. A new chapter begins. Wait! You're not getting rid of us that easily! We'll be at the 2020 Oliver Rally. Liye promises more pot stickers then, and I'll be throwing my 2 cents into the discussion here, from time to time, as usual.

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