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  1. It's expansion and contraction. 95 outside 55 degree air blowing from the A/C unit. Ours has always done it.
  2. <p style="text-align: center;"> </p> We had Oliver service install the WiFi Ranger and Cell phone booster in our trailer after it was a year old. They did a great job and it looks better than the others I have seen that were installed during the build.
  3. I have not seen a 2020 Duramax yet but the 2019 have adjustable pedals.
  4. I just bought one. https://www.amazon.com/Koch-4011323-Hitch-Handle-4-Inch/dp/B005ZCT3BU/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=hitch+pin+5%2F8&qid=1562549220&s=gateway&sr=8-4 If the chains are not tight they are not working. ?
  5. We carry our Honda generator in the front basket. I installed the LoPro lock down and just keep it covered. No problem with dirt or weather so far.
  6. David So glad to hear you are doing better. Thanks for letting us know you are OK. We were wondering how you were doing.
  7. Ken Sorry you had to stare at it for 4 days during the rally but your going to love it. ?
  8. Randy Post pictures if you install the banks exhaust.
  9. OP - original poster SO - significant other DW - dear wife DH - dear husband
  10. John I have used that same gauge for probably 30 years and most of our techs that don't have fancy digital ones use it too.
  11. We had the Dometic electric awning our Escape. It can be deployed out to any point and then stopped. The problem we had with ours was it would not tilt in the rain so water would pool in the middle and would sag the fabric. It was suppose to have a dump feature but we never saw it work. There were a few that bent the arms from water weight of pooling water. Escape finally put out a notice to only deploy it 3 feet in the rain because at that point the arms would bow up the middle and allow the water to run off. The wind sensor did work but it had to shake for 6 seconds before it would retract.
  12. I dropped to 55 for our drive to the rally and one other small trip this year. I was going to try 50 on the return trip from the rally (190 Miles) but the 55 felt so good I am just going to leave it there for our trip out west. I could not tell any difference in tire temperatures between 60 and 55. Very smooth ride. At 55 the tires seem to have a good foot print and just a little buldge on the bottom sidewall. Our trailer weight is 5500 lbs.
  13. Try changing the Furrion stero input to AV IN and turn up the volume and it should work.
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