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  1. Anyone happen to know the size of those set screws?
  2. I just had 100% latex mattresses made to match exactly what we sleep on at home. $$ but good sleep is worth it.
  3. Hi Nan, if you do not mind please let me know how it goes with the AC swap. We are in Birmingham and will need to do something about the AC noise sooner or later. -Brent
  4. I just put this dual fuel Westinghouse in the tray. We live in Alabama and A/C is a fact of life for close weekend trips and it does run whatever we need and charge the lithiums while doing so. I hated buying something this big and heavy but in the moment it seemed like the right gen set. following the purchase of the trailer and I think I will like not having gasoline cans to deal with. I might upgrade to the Honda 3200 in the future once my budget has some time to recover.
  5. I have spent a lot of time watching their videos. They are great! I haven’t seen their new trailer though. Yes, the transition from a tent is nice! I’m looking forward to spending more time in it. Having all 4 of us in it is tight but the compromise seems well worth it. Of course, we are only 1 night in 😅
  6. I read this as Oliver trying to reduce barriers to ownership and alleviate pain points for us existing owners. My belief is that it will always be better to use Oliver for service and purchase but that really becomes impractical for lots of potential owners as well as existing owners. Not all owners have a desire to be mechanics and electricians and would like to just use their trailer and leave the other stuff to someone else. I get it and ultimately it makes sense. Oliver seems very interested in maintaining their integrity and as long as that is the case everything else will fall in line.
  7. I had a cruisemaster CRS2 installed on my overland trailer and Wow! I’m not sure my Ollie needs to be abused like that though. https://cruisemaster.com.au/crs2/
  8. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! It would be hard to miss being so close to home. Matter of fact we are making our maiden voyage in the Ollie tomorrow to Guntersville. I’m looking forward to watching the kiddos play and getting a feel for how we would like to outfit the Ollie.
  9. Hello from Amanda, Brent, Claire, and Sarah. We recently purchased hull #976 and can’t wait to put it to use. This is our first “Travel Trailer” kind of as we also own a Turtleback Expedition we are selling. I consider the Turtleback to be an overlanding trailer and it definitely has a different set of instructions. We have been gleaning tons of information from the forum and Facebook group and really appreciate everyone’s efforts to document their upgrades, ideas, and solutions. We look forward to meeting some of you in our travels. -Brent
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