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Re-introduce myself

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Hello, nice to be back here. So much has happened the last two or three years. 

I plan to purchase a Legacy Elite II trailer sometime 3rd or 4th quarter this year, once my home sale progresses. Probably a used Oliver near the end of the travel season. 

I had acquired, though it has grown dusty in my mind from lack of use, an RV repair qualification and an RV electrical qualification. Nothing related to what I did before I retired. 

After my retirement, I worked for a short time at an RV rental dealer as a repairman, for a short time at Airstream as a repairman, and for a year with an RV maintenance insurance dealer as a used RV evaluator to determine if the RV qualified for ongoing maintenance insurance. No experience with Olivers other than lots and lots of research. 

I have an RV, but it doesn't really qualify as an RV. I own a autogyro Cavalon gyroplane - I just fly around having fun locally with it, like to the ocean and up and down the seashore at about 120 feet.  I have put about 300 hours on it.  I purchased that instead of a trailer. Was a very good decision for me at that time. Still have it and will keep it for awhile.

I am a happily divorced male 74 in excellent health, and have a girlfriend in Thailand. Will stay in Thailand from November to March or so, then come back and travel around in an Oliver. Yes, can find a way to get my gyro to my destination to fly around. 

Any owner planning to sell their Oliver later this year after summer, should feel free to start a conversation with me. Otherwise, I will start looking on one of the RV sales sites at that time. Buying a new Ollie is not out of the question, but I would be quite comfortable with buying a used one. 


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travel trailer units for sale
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Oh yes, I did purchase a 2020 Ford F150 4x4, short bed and was going to go off-road with it, and with an off-road trailer, but purchased the gyro instead of the trailer at that time. 


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Welcome back, Rodger!  There’s a good chance a used Oliver will be available.  Unfortunately, used Olivers can’t be advertised on the Forum any more, but someone may see your post and send you a PM.  Good luck.  Mike

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Hey, Rodger!  Great move to decide coming back to the forums!  

Wow, Cavalon! -- Nice!  Love the Rotax - Cavalon sports the 914, right?  I fly a CT-22 with the Rotax 1630, fun stuff, for sure.  Is yours the open/closed cockpit?  Tandem/side-by-side?  Just curious...

You'll be interested to know there's owners living in Hawaii full-time and travels the US in their OTT during summer months, much like you've  described you'll do from Thailand.

Also, regarding finding an Oliver - you may have some luck on Facebook.  There's usually several for sale here:


Good luck with your search and keep us posted with your OTT plans.  Welcome back!


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Welcome back.  Sounds like you are running and gunning.


You should have no problem finding a used Ollie.  There seems to be a lot of folks letting them go. 

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Hello Max, I have a closed cockpit, but can remove the canopy. It's a side by side. I often fly by myself so in a sense I fly out of balance, but not a problem. I don't like to put in extra weight on the passenger side. Was going to fly yesterday but the mechanic had left some equipment in the way, so will fly later this week after he relocates my gyro in another part of the large hangar I rent space in. My gyro is also certified. 

Thanks for telling me about the Hawaii owners and how they travel during the summer months. Will keep that in mind. I have a number of related issues I will explore over time, but no need to issue them up to the forum at the moment. Will research them on and off the forum first as probably most of those issues have already been discussed multiple times in multiple threads. 

I went ahead and signed up to join that Facebook group, thanks. Looks like a key resource. 

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I just saw the advisory on the classified sales section of the forum ending its availability. 

I did go to RVtrader before I came back into the forum and saw some Oliver's for sale, but will wait until the "season" is over. 

Connecting with members via PM or the Facebook group is probably a preferred way to go about the initial search using a "family" oriented search process. 

I did see information and comments on the Cortes campers, which was of passing interest.  Not interested in being an early adopter - I'm mechanic skeptical of 95% of this industry. 

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I saw people putting up pictures of their motorcycles, so here is my ride. I owned a motorcycle before I purchased this. Notice the image of Zeus below the rotor.  So far, all the owners of gyros owned a motorcycle previously. 



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