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Welcome carolandmike

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Thanks, Larry, happy to be here.


We've been looking for a trailer for some time now, reading fiberglassrv forum and a couple of others. Had a chance to see an Oliver at a fiberglass rally this past April in Bandera, TX. Steve Crider gave us a very thorough tour of his Legacy II.


My last RV experience was in the 60's in a pop up as a kid. Carol has never RVed. Although after 40 years in the Army I've done my share of "camping"! Our daughter and her husband have been RVing for a while, all in traditional trailers and 5th wheels. I've seen the issues with build and quality they've experienced, which led us to the fiberglass world.


We will be retiring next spring and that is our general target to get a trailer. Alicia and Anita at Oliver have been great to work with. Hope to get to TN sometime in September.


Mike and Carol

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