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Rear Window Leaking


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I have been noticing rain water on the dining room table and down the rear end wall to the floor or our Legacy. When I open this window I see it in the channel. I am wondering how it is getting in the channel and how to get it to flow to the outside not the inside of my unit. There are not weep slots at the bottom on the outside of the trim as with our other side windows. Not sure why this one doesn't have them and the other windows do but that is the case nevertheless. I drilled some small ones in hopes of providing a path to the outside which works to an extent but still have water getting in to the inside. I have noticed a gap at the top of my window that seems to be unusually wide and am wondering it that provides an entry point for water to get behind the window. Any thoughts on what I can do to solve the problem? Do I simply need to replace the window unit? If so, where can I get a replacement?




A picture of the unusual gap top center that may be allowing rain water in.



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12 String, can't answer your questions exactly but will add we had a similar issue with our back window initially after pick up back in early March. While we haven't had issues with leaks over the table we did have some water running down on the inside of this same window. Turns out the sealant/caulk that is sandwiched between the window frame and camper body had hairline cracks across the top. It took me hours and a few tries to figure this out. Eventually I applied some high quality silicone caulk across this seam which seems to have fixed it for now. However I do not have the gap you seem to have pictured below.


My personal opinion is the egress type of windows are a joke anyway. Don't know if you ever tried to open the thing this way, let alone crawl out of it but can guarantee by the time you did this you could have raced in and out of the camper main door about dozen times in the same time it would take you to get through this one window. And I'm a small guy in fairly good and flexible shape. I don't fault Oliver for this, in fact legally they probably had to install the darn things or at least for their various certifications but if I were replacing one it would not be the egress type of window thats for sure.


In your case however if you're getting leakage over the table even at the back side it would imply to me the leak might be coming from another area, i.e. AC or something alone those areas. Anyway good luck figuring this out.

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I, too had a similar problem. The water was showing up in the recessed area that holds the wooden tray over the dinette. In my case I FINALLY found that water was entering through an improperly caulked 3rd brake light above the window and travelling around the window into the recess. The 3rd light can't be seen from inside, so I had to feel around behind the aluminum plate the bulbs are mounted on while someone sprayed a lot of water up there.


At first, I tried to just add silicone caulk to the existing caulk but that didn't work so I eventually had to remove the lens and reseal. Be careful if you try that because my lens was held in place by very strong 2-sided tape (probably VHB) and I ended up causing a small crack while removing it. While I was at it I removed that "OLIVER" mask from the lens - good advertising but it significantly dims the light output.

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