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Is there a need for the Andersen wheel leveler?


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Hello all,

Since the Elite II has stabilizer jacks, I was wondering if I would need a pair of the Andersen-3604 Camper Levelers? We used one with our Casita SD 17 at most sites and it was a breeze to bring the trailer level. Are the jacks strong enough to for lifting to level or is their purpose mainly for stability?


Waiting for delivery

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You will not need anything to supplement the lifting/leveling capability of the electric jacks. Either of the two rear jacks will lift that side of the trailer completely off the ground. In addition, you won't need a jack if you ever have to change a tire. Leveling your new Oliver will actually be fun!!!

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I agree with Steve. We have been on some steep sites where I had the Ollie completely off the ground while hitched up to keep from leaning backwards. That was an extreme situation and I would not make it a habit, but the jacks are really strong. Setting up is a delight now that I don't have to get down on my knees to crank out manual jacks, or fiddle with the Bal leveler.


Call me lazy but at 69 I am done with "hard".


A real treat is pushing the dashboard button to activate my auto level system I just had installed. No WDH for this guy anymore.

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I don't know what an Anderson well leveler is. We do carry a few 2 x 6 cutoffs, and use those to level a bit from front to back or side to side before we deploy the jacks. We also use blocks beneath the foot of the jacks to shorten the throw, and help keep the foot from sinking in muddier or softer ground. We never like to use the full throw of the jack. Sometimes stack two or three under a jack foot in crazy unlevel sites, and always a few under the tongue jack. Some owners carry 4 x 4. Or 6 x 6 chunks., We never like to raise the tires off the ground, except when we actually had to change a flat in Quebec, when we picked up a huge spike somewhere...


Love the power jacks. So much easier than manual.

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Hello all,

I agree that the electric jacks on our Oliver Elite Legacy II are great. We do have a pair of Andersen wheel levelers. This is one of those items that we carry that would be immediately replaced if we were to lose one. They are so very easy to use and if we are in a campsite for one or two nights we usually use these instead of the jacks. These are also great when boondocking at places like Walmart where the parking lot is a bit sloped and we need a quick fix to level the trailer. The Ollie is so stable that on an overnighter we don't feel the need to put the jacks down in many cases. If we are in a campsite for a longer period of time, we use the jacks to stabilize the trailer. These levelers are also what we use if we need to level in a campsite where the jacks would lift the trailer off of the ground or almost off of the ground. Another use is when we run into one of those rutted, unkempt dump stations where the front of the trailer is lower than the back. We have on a couple of occasions used these under the pickup's rear tires to get it up a bit higher so the rear of the trailer is lower than the tongue.

Just my opinion.


Sometimes at home in Florida but now in Tucson, Arizona and soon to be headed west to parts unknown at the present. P.S. The temp got down to 28 last night and the Ollie did great. Last year when we were headed to Alaska, we saw the mid-teens and the Ollie was very comfortable.

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