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Fresh water/Winterize connection


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My 2015 Elite II has the water connection inside the bumper too close to the he stinky slinky for my likes. I am going to re locate the connection this year. Has anyone done this who will give advice as to a better location...and how you did it?

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I have taken a Shurflo water pump 12 volt unit add a couple alligator clips & hose connection and pump in from the city or Fresh water fill outlets on the outside mostly for Dry camping. Lee and Teri have done the same principal as well. I don't know if hat will help you but I can pump in water or fluid from any container that way. Thanks Gary

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I'm a bit confused here.


Is the process being talked about here another way to get fresh water into the fresh water tank for dry camping? I have understood that one can simply use the onboard water pump for this purpose? What am I missing?



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Bill you have it correct. But just to describe the procedure a bit more, here goes.


On the newer Oliver's there is a water inlet in the lower right rear of the camper just to the outside of the storage area for black and gray water hoses. From there you can either winterize the system or pump additional fresh water into the fresh water holding tank. All you need is a tank/bucket of water, roughly 5 gals or more, a hose about 1.5' in length screwed into this inlet, turn the two water valves under the curb side bed into bypass mode while the pump is on. Automatically the pump will start siphoning water out of the water can and into the fresh water tank. 5-8 gals of pumping should take no longer than about 5 minutes max probably less.


We use this all the time on our trips. Very easy to do. I believe what Dave was referring to is the inlet being situated on the inside of the storage area for the drain hoses. Not a good idea IMO, but this changed shortly after he picked up his Oliver. It could be that some of the earlier Oliver's did not have this function or capability, not sure though.

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