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Any wind issues with the Solar Panel setup


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Im still looking at ordering or purchasing a used Oliver L Elite II. I was looking at how the solar panels are mounted and wanted to know if anyone has experience hauling or camping in a windy area with the solar setup? I live in Oregon and travel through the Columbia River Gorge often when camping and if anyone has been through that area you know there are some very strong winds on a regular basis. So I was curious if the panels cause you any problems.



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Sorry, I can't answer that question, since I don't yet have one, but have you seen this very nicely equipped year old Elite II for sale in Puget Sound (Olympic Peninsula)? The ad just popped up the other day.




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Thats the exact one Im talking about.  I plan on going up and seeing that one this week.  It has solar and I was curious about the wind if it is a issue at all.  I also noticed he went with a Novakool 12v DC fridge.  So that leads me to many other questions like would it boon dock very well if you were in a shaded area.  Generator will have to be on hand just in case.   But if you had that installed at the factory does that mean that Oliver wouldnt bother running a propane line behind it?  Meaning if I found that I needed a 3way fridge after all and I purchased one would I have to take the unit back to the factory in order to get it hooked up because they didnt run the propane line?  Or do you think they just capped the line and its still there behind the fridge and able to be used.

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The solar panels are mounted to the outside upper hull via brackets that are thru-bolted to a metal backing plate. There is little danger of them being ripped off by any wind short of a tornado. Many owners of SOB's (Some Other Brand) choose to mount their panels directly to the roof thinking there is less wind resistance and therefore better. In reality, this is NOT the best mounting method due to solar panels becoming less efficient as their temperature rises. Having an air space under them keeps them cooler and increases their ability to generate electricity.


Concerning the propane line to the refrigerator, my guess is that it is probably there and capped off. They had to run one into the coach for the cook-tops anyway. It would not be insurmountable to install if it is not there and you ever needed it.


Incidentally, there are three used Oliver's that are currently for sale. Besides this one the other two are described at:





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