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When traveling with my Ollie, I like to attend special events.  On August 21, 2017 another event will be occurring that should last approximately 2.5 minutes.  A solar eclipse will occur and according to NASA, the “Sweet Spot” or optimal eclipse effect will occur near Hopkinsville, Kentucky.  The land Between the Lakes National Recreational Area is only a few miles away and should offer an excellent location for viewing the eclipse and camping.  Solar eclipses are a sight to beheld but caution should be used to utilize appropriate eye protection.  Here is a website with location information.






As another example of my interest to attend special events, I planned a trip in 2016 to watch the “Blood Moon”.  I wanted to go somewhere the scenery would be great to frame the Blood Moon as it came over the horizon.  I wanted to travel Route 66 and I thought that Monument Valley would be a great side trip that would provide excellent lighting and scenery.  There are a number of holes in rock formations that afford picturesque shots of the sky.  These are a part of the Navajo Indian tours offered to the public.  However, I learned that these sites are considered sacred and that night special ceremonies were planned and not open to the public.  I situated myself near the Park Welcome Center a few feet from the Monument Valley RV Campground.  Below are some pictures of the moon as it rose between two monuments.  As the moon came over the horizon, it was at its height in red color.  After a few minutes, it faded to a natural white.


click on the images below and they will enlarge







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Coy, Land Between the Lakes was our first campground after we picked up our trailer in May.  We stayed at Hillman Ferry on the KY side.  Nice campground.  There are a couple of other campgrounds inside the recreation area.  Enjoy!



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Texas Hill Country | 2016 Elite II #135 | 2020 Ram 2500 6.7L


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