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Mike and Carol

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We just spent a few days in Nashville on our way to the east coast.  We like going to the Grand Ol Opry, this past weekend was the 91st birthday weekend and we enjoyed a good show.  We stayed at Two Rivers Campground, just two miles from the Opry and Opry Mills.  Nice campground, very conveniently located, although a bit pricey.  There was actually another Oliver there with us, Chad and Shannon with their blue and yellow striped Legacy II.  Lots of folks stopped by to ask questions...


We overnighted at the Cracker Barrel in Texarkana on our way from San Antonio to Nashville.  Interesting experience, price was right and it was very convenient.  Cracker Barrel's don't count as a campground but when I asked they said we were more than welcome to stay overnight.

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Sounds like a fine trip!!!!! Will stop at a Cracker Barrel next time we're camping, noticed large travel trailer rigs stopped at the Cracker Barrel in Morganton NC last weekend. Thanks for the idea!

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