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Recreational vehicle standards, and why is the average build quality so low?

John E Davies

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I would definitely not take it on snowy roads - winter camping would be carefully planned for dry periods with known conditions and easy to access locations. In Colorado, 4-season means 3- season most years. This year, you could definitely have camped in Steamboat for New Years though - we had dry roads the entire way there! But I’ve definitely thought about sneaking down to Mesa Verde or the Great Sand Dunes during a mild winter. I had not thought, though, about warranty and insurance issues, or about corrosion problems. Thanks for the advice.

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Not sure about insurance issues but I am worried about the magnesium chloride deicer that they use here.  It attacks aluminum worse than steel.


I think if one were to try to stick to driving on dry roads and then wash the undercarriage off after a trip it'd be OK.  Of course it has to be warm enough upon return to do so.

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Mmmm, that's if everything works as it should.


I remember a flat tire on the cargo trailer going down mountain in the east, in a snow storm. Not a great memory.


Almost whiteout to begin with. Way worse with a trailer wanting to fishtail, and the truck doing a slip slide trying to slow on icy road. Over 40 years ago, but very clear memories. We obviously made it to the frigid roadside. Delightful tire change in crappy weather.


Yup, I hate towing in snow. Then, we had deadlines. Today, we can sit it out at a chilly campsite.



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