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Got to remember to load the DayClock for the camper. We found it to be the most used item in the coach. You get up in the morning and you know it is coffee time (after a trip to the head). Snack time, lunch, nap, supper, and then campfire time. What we found while camping is that time flies by and we never wear a watch any more. What we don't remember is what day it is. That is where the DayClock comes in handy. (DayClock.com)

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We have a day clock too, had it in the Casita and it was nice to know what day it was every now and again :)

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Yup. I wish I had a portable one. So many times when we wilderness camp or camp foreign, we lose track of the days. If we don't have signal, why turn on the phone and run down the battery?


I keep a camping journal, but even with that , we almost missed a ferry reservation because we were having too much fun, off the grid.

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