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TV Antenna Suggestions


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Hi all


Looking for suggestions on the best TV antenna and how to set it up. When i first picked up Olive Oyl i didn't think I would miss TV but honestly i do miss the news, as depressing as that may be. Not sure if i want to go the whole satellite dish thing but i suppose it's an option. Question: do the satellite companies, Dish etc. have pay as you go pricing?. Anyhow, any suggestions would be appreciated....thanks...Leigh



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Leigh, we did some research on this earlier this year and I believe Dish has an RV package where you pay only when you are using it.  Someone should know for sure.  You have to purchase the receiver and dish.   We use our Omni-direction TV antenna that came with our trailer for over the air TV, but it is only useful when near a metropolitan area. Mike

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Even though I do not have satellite TV in my Oliver I do have it at my house.  A year or so ago I looked into the possibility of putting it in Twist.  Directv does have an RV program but it wasn't as flexible as the one available from Dish (pay only for when you are using it like Mike said).  Think about how and when you might be using this equipment.  Certainly it is convenient to have your "dish" on the roof of the Oliver with automatic satellite finders, etc. However, if you are camped in a spot under trees or some other structure is blocking the  needed view for "connection" to a satellite then you will be out of luck or required to move the Oliver.  Also, if you want to use the equipment for "tailgating" or party of some other sort, you will be out of luck unless you bring the Oliver along for the party.  As a final thought - I've seen this type of equipment being sold on Craig's list at a price some 50% less than new.  If you have the time you just might want to keep an eye out for a deal.



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