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Progressive Dynamics Converter Section Replacement

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Earlier this summer noticed the Progressive Dynamics PD4045 charging the batteries at 14.4V while on gen-set power. The batteries were at 12.5V. Disconnected the gen-set (output 120V) and disconnected 12V batteries, reconnected everything and PD4045 charging went back to normal 13.6V.


Later this summer after connecting to shore power at another campground, the Progressive Dynamics PD4045 converter was charging at 14.4V again, batteries were already at 12.7V.


The shore power coming into the Ollie was 117V, within the 105V to 130V recommended by Progressive Dynamics. Tested shore power with a Camco Circuit Analyzer before connecting to campground outlet, it was correct. Progressive Dynamics said the 14.4V does not come on until batteries drop to 12V or every 21 hours for 15 minutes to prevent battery stratification. Disconnected/reconnected shore power and batteries, checked all connections, and turned charger power on/off several times with charger circuit breaker, converter was still charging at 14.4V. Did not see any issues with circuit boards, battery connections, and connections to converter. Also talked to a Progressive Dynamics distributor, he though I was having converter section problems.


Installed a PD 4045 converter section in the Ollie's original equipment PD converter. It took less than an hour with 5 wires to connect and one bolt. Tested during a camping trip earlier this week, new converter section took care of the problem now maintaining the batteries at 13.6V while on shore power.


New converter section:




Removing old converter section:






New converter section installed:





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Bill #75 LE2 Tundra


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Bill – good catch, analysis and solution to the problem. Was the replacement done under any kind of warranty? Bill




Progressive Dynamics Warranty is 2 years on converters,  I just missed out on warranty. Our Ollie was picked up from Oliver on May 2015.



Bill #75 LE2 Tundra


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