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How to get in touch with Oliver service in emergencies?


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I wish an Oliver representative would be active on this forum addressing concerns and problems of current and potential owners. It would certainly put to rest the mounting fears some of us have, or will have, going forward. In light of this Christmas wish, it is hoped that all forum members would be respectful to any Oliver rep willing to enter this, at times, rather hostile coliseum. Getting answers to questions and offering useful information and guidance would no doubt be very much appreciated.

I second the motion.

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Probably – I haven’t cracked open the case it since I don’t want to void the warranty, but like you I’d bet that it’s something simple inside that can quickly be repaired. In fact, when I opened the front panel to inspect it after it sprung the leak, two screws fell out. One went to the regulator in the front but the other came from the back somewhere. It’s probably a fair bet that it held together whatever is leaking.


Did they get you fixed up and on the road?

Happy Camping,


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Update - They did get the replacement unit FedExed in and I was able to pick the trailer up yesterday afternoon.  They fixed a few other small things on my list but I'm taking it back in January to get the trailer 'finished'.  So in the end I think it's the same story as always - Oliver is staffed by good people who genuinely want to make a nice trailer and keep their customers happy, but it feels like basic management mistakes on the front end cause them to go to extraordinary lengths to do so.  And that leaves us customers with this mixed bag of feelings about the company.  I'm truly grateful that they are willing to go to such lengths, but it would be such a better owner experience if they didn't have to in the first place.


I've got a few items on my list to do to the trailer today and then we're headed out this evening for Christmas with the in-laws and then to Big Bend.  It'll be a big week there so fingers crossed that we can get a good campsite.

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Enjoy your trip to Big Bend, we were there last Feb. and joined by Don Thompson. We spend some time in both campgrounds, each one is very different from the other. Had a great time, but not long enough.



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Thanks - we'll be 'roughing it' out in the backcountry.  I'm hoping to get a site that's remote, but not so much so that it takes 30 minutes on gravel to get to the ring road.  We're hoping this time that we'll have a chance to drive some of the rougher trails and explore the surrounding area.  I'd like to check out the state park next door.

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While in B.B. a couple of years ago, we took a day and drove the Old Ore Road

(26 miles).   It was used in the early 1900s to transport ore from Mexican mines to the railroad station at Marathon, the Old Ore Road generally follows the route used by mule and pack trains a century ago. The road has excellent views of the Chisos Mountains across the Tornillo Creek drainage to the west. Ernst Tinaja, five miles from the southern end of the road, is a popular destination.

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