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Simtek Duo Portable Security Sensor

John E Davies

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This is not yet ready for sale yet, but it sounds great. I think it would be very worthwhile as an alert device for an Ollie that is parked off site. You could immediately call the storage facility manager or the cops if needed.....


Or while you are camping, you would have peace of mind about the trailer’s security and could rush back if there is an alert, or call the camp host.




It does require a cell signal.... Comments?


John Davies


Spokane WA

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Seems pretty cool.  I like that it creates its own cellular connection.


I was thinking of picking up a Liberty SafElert.  It's already available and you can configure it to send alerts based on detecting motion or being jostled (as in trailer moving down the highway) plus changes in temperature or humidity.


The downside is it only works off of WiFi.  I am planning on getting a Cradlepoint router for a persistent (-ish) cellular data connection for the Ollie anyway, so for me this isn't a showstopper.  If you have a WiFi repeater, as long as it has signal from a campground or your house / storage facility then this thing would work.

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I'm sorry, but neither of these relate to trailer security to me. One is activated by exposure to light, so where do you put it and what you hope the thief will open whenever it is? At least it has a built in cellular connection, but unless it's on Verizon most places I'm concerned about wouldn't be covered and even then only sketchy coverage. The other being "jostled" I'm pretty sure (as in trailer moving down the highway) is it off my WiFi range.


Both of these also only allow for a "notification" with work my phone goes off all the time, so some times things are only seen when gotten to, so the end result here would be, damn looks like someone stole the trailer about an hour ago...


I'll stick with my satellite based notification and tracking, purchase price and almost 3 years service included for same price as Simtek


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Different strokes for different folks.  I find it highly unlikely that a trailer would get stolen while you're camping but away from the rig.  I have never seen a story of this happening (not to say it has never happened, but if this were "a thing" I'd expect I would have read about one by now).  Much more likely to be stolen while in storage with nobody around.  So an anti-theft system doesn't need to have global coverage.  And anyway that's what insurance is for.


I'd rather have something that will detect a break in (so that I can file an insurance claim) and that will let me check up on the internal temperature while we're away from it or while in storage.

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It's a neat little device, but I don't get the value of the light sensor if it also has a motion detector.  I'd think that a single motion sensor in a room would take the place of two or three light sensors stuffed in various cabinets and drawers.


We elected to go with a cellular router that we can then connect security and smart home devices to - much more versatile than a single device.


I agree that you're more likely to have stuff stolen from your trailer and campsite than to have the trailer itself taken.  If you are worried about the trailer, then a satellite based tracker like the Spot trace is better than anything that's tied to a cellular connection.

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