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Hello from CA


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So don't own an Ollie yet but am excited to go to the RV show tomorrow and actually see one.


Have previously owned a couple Airstreams but am hugely disappointed in their cost, quality and "fatness" of late.


My wife and are are within five years of retirement so a new trailer is low on the horizon, thus the search.  I do have to admit I'm massively impressed in what I've read and seen of the Ollie.  My only negative is the fact is how do I get one into Canada.  Not impossible but difficult to move that much money Stateside.  When I talk about moving that much money I mean in Canada you can't finance something that's being bought outside of the country.


Anyway off to the show tomorrow.

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Welcome. You will find that quite a few of the people here started their research with the Airstream and ended up here. Last testrear Oliver made a big comment about now being international, that being they had a Canadian purchaser, maybe they can answer your questions about the best way to navigate the financing of it, after all their end goal is the sale.


Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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If financing is a major concern, Bigfoot and Escape are Canadian made and have pretty good quality from what I've read.  They both offer dated interiors, but that is changeable if so desired.  The prices are certainly more attractive.

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I know that Oliver has sold at least one unit to a Canadian buyer, but I don’t know any details.... Other than they had to install mudflaps behind the second axle due to Canada law. It’s the only unit with these that I am aware of, and I asked for pictures but never received them.


I sure would do whatever was necessary to buy an Ollie instead if settling for a Bigfoot.


For US buyers who finance, you do NOT have to pay any additional funds other than the initial downpayment, you just need a letter from your bank stating that you qualify and are approved for the remaining amount. It is hard for some finance officers to deal with a special order RV that is going to be collected at the manufacterer, won’t have a VIN until the very end, and has a relatively unknown long term history in terms of resale value. If you get stonewalled by your bank rep, ask to work with one that has more authority.


Since you have a number of years, it might make sense to plan on buying used, and possibly raid some investments, so you can pay cash. In five years there will be a much larger selection of used ones, and if you find an earlier model the price will be way less than buying new.


Endeavor to persevere, and good luck.



John Davies


Spokane WA

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