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Bad news from Goodyear .... G159 failures, death and disaster.

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This article is a condemnation of a greedy and immoral company that spent decades hiding data and even destroying evidence. Goodyear’s “court sealed” tire failure information has been released and their lawyers are frantically trying to prevent the data from being published. Note, this story is specific to the big 22.5 inch commercial truck tires used in large motorhomes.


“Almost universally all of the failures occur at highway speeds,” he wrote.


The letter also revealed for the first time how many manufacturers utilized the G159. Goodyear’s disclosures, Kurtz wrote, “reveals G159 failures in what appears to be 17 different motorhome manufacturers and 39 separate motorhome models commencing July 1996 and continuing through September 2015.”


For context, Kurtz points to the failure rate of the defective Firestone tires that ensnared Ford in a nationwide scandal nearly two decades ago. Court filings suggest the G159's failure rate is anywhere from 10 to 27 times worse than the Firestone tires deemed defective by NHTSA. Goodyear employees themselves can’t identify any tire made by the company that comes close to the G159's failure rate, Kurtz wrote in the letter.




I had a set of Goodyear car tires once and was not terribly impressed. Now there is a seriously valid reason to never buy ANY of their (tire) products in the future.


Also, how many of these injuries and deaths would have been avoided if there has been Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems in the affected RVs? Most of them? Makes you think....


The article also reinforces my natural aversion to travelling on Interstates where the heavy trucks are driving 70 or even 75  mph. I will stick to slower roads whenever possible, since my normal towing speed is 60.


John Davies


Spokane WA

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My 2016 Ram 1500 came with Goodyear’s.  I replaced them after a year with Michelin Defenders. I thought I’d be putting Michelins on the trailer when my BF Goodrich tires wear out, but they’ve been a pretty good tire, so we’ll see.


I agree that slower speeds and a good TPMS significantly increase the safety margin. Mike

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On the other side of it, everyone was outraged that Volkswagen defeated the emissions, until they weren't anymore, when now it's been found almost all of them have done it. Does your vehicle have a Takata airbag, that was hidden, until it wasn't. Do you shop at Macy's, Home Depot, Target? All hidden breaches they didn't want to get out.


To kid yourself into thinking another manufacturer isn't hiding what they don't want to get out too, is just kidding yourself.


Any manufacturer that settles anything with an NDA is hiding something, the rest of us should know.


The fact that it was "court sealed" should be more alarming, they should be the last line of defense in the world of deeming something relevant to public safety.


I agree, slow down and stay safe.


One Life Live It Enjoyably

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