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Propane tank cover replacement trick

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Ok, my wife said it was too pretty outside for me to be inside and that I should go outside and play. Well I went outside and went in the shop to get the mower out. Only the Oliver propane cover was in the way of getting the mower out. I hate putting the propane cover back on because it doesn’t want to fit right over the aluminum plate on the front of the hull. Only this time the port was open on the front of the cover so I reached in and pushed on the part of the cover right above where the aluminum plate is and the darn cover fell right into place without having to fiddle with it.


Why haven’t one of you old timers passed this trick on???







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Bill and Martha

2018 LEII Hull 313

2019 Chevrolet 2500HD Duramax


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Hey, us old timers gottakeep a few secrets to ourselves. ☺


I sometimes find myself fighting the cover and I realize I didn't take the time to remove the screw in port.


Do it from the curb side and the cover removes and replaces easily. It's balanced and there's no need to put your hand inside.

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