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King size floor plan finally a great mattress setup(Oliver Legacy Elite II)


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Hello all,


Been a member for a decent chunk of time on the forums and I had some questions early on but the answers were pretty slim at the start.  So I have had my Oliver for a couple years and we always leave the bed setup.  My wife and I spend the majority of the time outside and find the little dinette plenty if we are inside.  Early on I was looking for a sleep number type bed but kept running into issues be it a Queen size short and then you have space along the mattress that was left empty or you stuff pads in or a regular size mattress turned size ways but jammed in.


At any rate I found the perfect mattress for the location and its very comfortable.  We ordered two Ghost Bed Twin size.  Ghost bed gives you 100 days to try out the mattress.  We placed them inside the house and tried them out and found them comfortable.  The attached images show them in place.  It is a tight fit and the corner of each mattress at the curve in the back is pushed in slightly but not enough to cause a issue.  I will be writing a different post in the modification section to show you how I handled access to the fresh water drain while the mattresses are in place.


On a side note the mattress being two twins sit tight in place so they don't move around and also if you had to move them to get access its as easy as stripping the sheets off and lifting one side and placing it on the other.




Hello for some reason Im not able to reply to my own topic so I am doing this through edit mode.


I have my bed setup as a permanent bed.  My hull is 087#  My cushions for the bed area are stored in my house.  The reason I went to a Ghost bed is I have a bad back.  What comes from the factory will make me sore after one night of sleep.  The mattress I ordered was a Twin standard because the XL is too long to fit into the space without modification.  These mattresses I originally thought I would have to slightly modify by cutting corners but as it turns out they as a pair fit in fairly snug with only slightly bending the corners.  I also looked at other twins on the market (Bed in a box aka. online beds) and none seemed to have the same measurements.  Most would be too large or require more modifications like cutting them.  At any rate my update for this is the camping trips I have had so far after the mattresses have been some of the best trips I have had in years.  Previous to my oliver I had a Toyhauler that had a full size sleep number queen bed and that was great.  That being said I would highly recommend avoid toy haulers because man from year one I typically had to pay 1k to 3k a year in repairs.  Turns out that back wall missing sure causes issues with the entire thing flexing more.


Anyway we love our Oliver and the only thing I would recommend would be Oliver to rethink their black/grey water system.  I have owned TTs and RVs and the Oliver sadly has been the most difficult to deal with when it comes to draining.  The rest were as simple as pulling the handle and it drained.  With the Oliver if you do not raise the tongue height you never fully drain it.  At least thats my experience. Sorry off on a tangent.


Anyway at the end of the day some of us keep our beds down full time for ease of use.  And the mattress I purchased Im thrilled with.



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We have the smaller Elite1 with the full size rear bed. We had been just throwing a sheet over the seat cushions and putting our sleeping bags on that. Worked OK for two seasons but recently ordered this 100% latex foam topper from Amazon and it has been incredible. In fact, we like it so much we bought another one for our home bed. I took the foam to a mattress shop to get cut to match the curves of the Oliver (I made a template), they didn't even charge me. It's 2" thick and we just put it on top of the seat cushions. I also had the single piece of foam cut down the middle to make it easier to take up and store in the van if I need to set up the big table for company. Just another option for those wanting a little cushier bed.









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Many of us leave the rear dinette set up as a permanent bed, and only use the side dinette.


Our Ollie is almost eleven years old. Like Dave Phelps, we have cushions, not a mattress. After the first season, we added a topper as an additional layer of comfort. Our cushions are quite firm, so great for seating, but a layer of memory foam makes for a more restful night's sleep for us. You'll have to try the new model cushions and mattress options,  and decide for yourself.  Everyone is different...





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