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Legacy Elite Twin Bed?


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Hi All, I'll be retiring soon and will be looking to full time in a trailer. I've been doing my home work and now looking at an Oliver trailer. I'll be traveling by myself. I'm trying to decide between the Elite and Elite II. My question is on the Elite instead of having the full size bed would it be possible to get one half size then add a nightstand (like in the Elite II twin bed option) next to it? I really don't need that wide of a bed to sleep on and would like to have the convenience of the stand and extra storage. I do like the smaller size of the Elite vs the II.

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Welcome. I can’t comment on the Twin setup in an Elite, but I imagine somebody will help.


I can comment that, unless you plan to go off pavement or do lots of boondocking, the bigger trailer will be a LOT easier to live in full time. The extra length plus the extra 6” of width dramatically increases the storage volume. With the Twin plan you can sleep on one side and use the other side for storage. With one mattress or cushions stored away there is a bunch of space for stuff on top of the platform. The pantry plus the extra column of drawers under the kitchen counter also offer a lot of extra space.


If you plan to tow with a full sized pickup and use a canopy, you can put a lot of your gear inside the bed and in the second row area (especially if you remove the seats and put a platform there)... If you want to tow with an SUV, then the bigger trailer will help by giving you space for the things that might have gone into that pickup bed. I went from a full sized HD Ram to a Land Cruiser 200 and sometimes I really miss the room of the bigger truck!


They used to offer “storage risers” for the Elite II Twin that raised the mattresses up and gave extra volume. I am not sure why these are no longer listed, but you could ask about them. Possibly they could be installed at delivery. For full-timing they would be wonderful. http://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/twin-bed-riser-2/


I personally would trade my bigger one in on the small one if I were single, for better offroad towing dynamics behind my Land Cruiser, but I would never want to live in it full time....


Look at both trailers in person, if you haven’t already. Spend some time alone in each of them and I think you will get this figured out.


Please fill out your personal profile so we know a little bit about you.


John Davies


Spokane WA





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Thanks John,


I plan on spending most of my time boondocking and off pavement and I think the smaller Elite would be better for that. Depending on which trailer I get will determine the tow vehicle. I would get a 3/4 ton for the Elite II or a 1/2 ton for the Elite both 4 wheel capable. I'm leaning for the II right now but they keep going back and forth. I do like the idea of using the 2nd bed area on the II for extra storage. I didn't think of that. I just thought of it as a sofa area.

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I think the original shorter ollie is perfect for a solo traveler. But the narrower width means the twin is smaller. I'd just get the full size bed, and order extra cushions to make the side dinette into a sofa.


Our shorty has been great for two month trips with two people. We put three crates under the full size bed for a lot of extra storage. Or, two crates and two duffel bags.  How much stuff do you want to carry?


Either trailer you choose, I'd recommend deleting the microwave if you boondock a lot. We cook on a fire, a grill, or the two burners.  Usually,  a fire is preferred. The extra storage of our cabinet vs microwave is really great. I use ours for dry good groceries, now that we got rid of the dead weight microwave....


Good luck in your decision. Go see both. It will help you. Both trailers are great.  We love our smaller ollie, as a comfortable place to sleep. And, cook, in inclement weather.







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